Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-19

  • The search for influencing strangers via the internet is only another manifestation of feeling insecure and lonely #
  • 'Deadly inactivity' brouhaha says a lot about sensatio-fascism killing the reputation of doctors, The Lancet and the BBC. (cont) #
  • (cont) Public Health, as shown by Robespierre and John Harvey Kellogg, has always attracted the unhinged and the pet-project-obsessed. #
  • Che senso ha cambiare la politica quando leggi e norme sono scritte da raccomandati semi-ignoranti e irresponsabili? @chicago_blog #Italia #
  • . @guglielmopicchi immagina la follia. Pieno di debiti, chi preferirebbe affamare i figli ma tenere i gioielli in cassaforte??? #
  • . @Revkin @Mark_Lynas Welcome to the skeptic side! in reply to Revkin #
  • Thunderstorms expected in Eastern US today. "Thunderstorms are caused by global warming" expected in newspapers tomorrow. Yawn. #agw #
  • . @b0yle if a dwarf planet weren't a planet, would it mean a small person isn't a person… #PlutoLives in reply to b0yle #

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