Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-14

  • Deaths…economic slowdown..more deaths. @BBCR4Today is now officially publicly-financed tabloid journalism. #
  • Of course deaths are news but the choice of opening the newsreading with "from bad to worse" is telling. @BBCR4Today #
  • Will you have the courage @BBCR4Today to ask what observation would be contrary to "climate change is bad"? #
  • Ralph Cicero spoke against catastrophism @ed_hawkins @Foxgoose @dougmcneall @richardabetts @barryjwoods @aDissentient I can die in peace now in reply to ed_hawkins #
  • Ralph Cicero has just spoken out against climate change catastrophism on @BBCr4today . @MichaelEMann @BadAstronomer @drgrist #
  • . @London_2012News is #IAAF still going to disqualify false-starters? Seems a technologically primitive decision. #
  • Can you see Addendum to this paper @ivanoransky ? (hint: it's only at the bottom of the linked pdf) #
  • For the record IMHO @NatureClimate incompetent not scammers in #climate comms @Foxgoose @dougmcneall @ed_hawkins @richardabetts @barryjwoods in reply to Foxgoose #
  • . @mark_lynas @bryworthington "Rather than a flat “it can't be done” I much prefer to hear “it can only be done if”" in reply to mark_lynas #
  • The John #Terry "racism" case is a giant waste of time and a shame to the judiciary in England and Wales. #
  • Racism is a serious problem. Luckily the fight against it has NOT been cheapened by a bogus sentencing of John #Terry #
  • I can highly recommend to follow @ivanoransky an extremely entertaining no-nonsense Master of the English language #
  • Zucconi che non siete altro @NichiVendola "Fly Family"="Famiglia di Mosche". Possibile nessuno parli inglese??? In aereoporto "Air Nursery". in reply to NichiVendola #
  • Fraud-spotting scientist will soon publish his perfect-data-busting statistical techniques #
  • Ne ho piene le scatole di Italiani che spendono migliaia di € per organizzare iniziative in cui si usa una lingua inglese da poveri idioti. #

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