Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-10

  • My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 11 new followers, 59 mentions. Via: #
  • Cannot see anything wrong in "rich" countries leaving the Euro rather than sharing the debt. #Finland would survive and the Euro too. #
  • La soluzione "nucleare" per l'Italia vede il fuoriuscire dall'Euro i "virtuosi" lasciando un'economia mediterranea enorme comandata da Roma. #
  • Only 30% convinced by #IPCC RT @ret_ward: 65% of UK public fairly or very concerned about #climate change: #agw #
  • Seven Brits every ten don't think humans are changing the #climate much or at all and still @ret_ward hails that as a success. Unbelievable. in reply to ret_ward #
  • . @ret_ward that's not what the IPCC says. If humans only partly responsible the whole UNFCCC collapses. in reply to ret_ward #
  • . @wxjared @weatherchannel contiguous USA is only 1.6% of the planet (© J Hansen) in reply to wxjared #
  • The story of Standard Oil should show the way on how to deal with banks (and countries) that are "too big to fail". #

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