Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-09

  • Renowned French author G Flaubert understood it all in the 1870s @GarthGodsman @Revkin @ebertchicago @JuddApatow #agw in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • . @astrolooney science should come before grandstanding statements blaming summer heat in Eastern USA on global warming #
  • . @astrolooney I believe like @Revkin that "#climate change" is a risk management problem + like the #IPCC that we need better tools for it. #
  • Che stupidaggine da Visco @Phastidio . Come un chirurgo che spaventato si rifiuti di tagliare arto in gangrena e poi dica "non √® possibile". in reply to Phastidio #
  • Not one UK #climate activist is blaming Eastern USA heatwave on "global warming". Discuss @GarthGodsman @Revkin @ebertchicago @JuddApatow in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • Greenies believe there's a war against the environment. First victim of any war is truth. Greenies lie. QED. @vexnews @ShugNiggurath #agw in reply to vexnews #
  • Monti tuona contro Squinzi mentre Visco fa il ministro di una Banana Republic. Classe dirigente allo sbando. #Italia #
  • Your spat with Mann is invisible @Revkin . Perhaps he's deleted his side of it. #
  • . @Revkin Science is being tortured for the warmist cause and you blog about…Michelle Malkin?? Come on Andy show some courage!! #
  • Climate change is measured over many years. 'Journalist' comes from Latin for 'day'. Journalists can't understand climate change. QED #
  • Exactly @RyanMaue – read of when @RogerHarrabin got shouted at by Al Gore (!) in reply to RyanMaue #
  • Don't you get how damaging the ongoing Lonnie Thompson archiving scandal is to the #agw cause @Revkin @leohickman -well, THAT explains a lot #
  • . @BJGoldsmith @jcrclarksonesq "weird weather" is becoming the last refuge of the policy scoundrel in reply to BJGoldsmith #
  • Has anybody at the BBC written a word linking July heat in the Eastern US to climate change? @adissentient @clim8resistance @barryjwoods #
  • Obviously drought big news at @BBCR4Today but lack-of unreported -are we paying a licence fee to compete with Sky News? #
  • Dear @RogerHarrabin when was the last time my licence fee financed something else than a worrisome report about possible disasters? #bbc in reply to RogerHarrabin #
  • Sky News scours the world for bad news of various degrees of fabrication. Is that what sells? Then why would the #BBC compete for same? #

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