Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-07

  • Maturità aliena: Alla luce di Gv 18:36, discutere il significato dell'impegno politico della Conferenza Episcopale Italiana. #Italia #
  • Top of #Shard is a practical joke, it's a 'skySCRAPER' after all (ahr ahr ahr) @leohickman @mjhsinclair in reply to leohickman #
  • Plus #Shard shouldn't be looked at just from London. From Biggin Hill, it's like a Manifestation of Might. @leohickman @mjhsinclair in reply to leohickman #
  • If the BBC treated politicians the way they treat climate-hype believers, it'd be the 1950s again @aDissentient @BarryJWoods @leohickman in reply to aDissentient #
  • Anybody complaining about the #Shard should try to imagine how it would have looked had the Brutalists still been in charge… #
  • Tanto sforzo di #Maroni ma con quale obiettivo? Una "Lega dal Volto Umano" vacillerebbe perché intrinsecamente autocontraddittoria. #
  • Contrappasso divinamente geniale: Grillo che si diverte a storpiare i cognomi, si trova come primo sindaco importante tal 'Pizzarotti'. #
  • Given the speed and the bouncing around, I wonder how hot can a tennis ball become, nowadays? #
  • . @chicago_blog mai dare importanza a chi scrive o telefona a #Radio24 @LaZanzaraR24 dimostra che chi lo fa è spesso vicino alla follia. #
  • They call themselves climate hawks, in fact they're just paid prostitutes of the keyboard pontificating about imaginary conspiracies. #agw #
  • Unfathomable how many 2nd Amendment apologists give themselves away to the Government wrt the drug war and death penalty. #tcot #USA #
  • #Melancholia ruined by Lars von Trier himself. It is as if Munch had written several times "Look at the screaming figure!" on "The Scream". #
  • There is no science at all in claiming "I told you so" on #agw because it's warm in July in the USA @Revkin @ebertchicago @juddapatow in reply to Revkin #
  • Especially you @Revkin – is #agw a "risk management challenge", or the pursuing forever of weather disasters??? @ebertchicago @juddapatow #
  • Pontificating about CO2 emissions after every heatwave is just a form of scavenging @Revkin @ebertchicago @juddapatow #agw #

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