Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-06

  • Sad irony with @BBCr4today reporting how Syrian journalists can't be trusted. Well, many in the UK know the feeling… #
  • RT @24Mattino: Visti i soccorsi in italia, @ignaziomarino : "Monti faccia una legge: si puo' infartare dalle 9 alle 17" #24mattino #
  • The #southeastern driver has just spoken unintelligibly for a couple of minutes. We're outside London Bridge, unexpected as usual. #
  • #Chappatte insightful as usual. But how many will understand all he is referring to? #
  • God Particle vs Goddamn Particle è la solita leggenda metropolitana che piace a voi giornalisti @antoniopolito1 – più prob solo una battuta in reply to antoniopolito1 #
  • Mosca sul naso di Monti. Putin che cerca di intromettersi? #
  • Monti abbandona il taglio delle province. Possibile che uno arrivi a 69 anni per fare la figura dell'idiota? #
  • Genetic and cellular exchanges between mother and foetus mean there will never be such a thing as a 'perfect clone' + every mother a chimera #
  • Tell me @ret_ward how much is Murdoch paying for you to write in a subs-only website? – @mattwridley in reply to ret_ward #
  • From Tower Bridge, the Shard is a beautiful addition to the #London skyline. South and North riversides now like a Dr Who set @leohickman in reply to leohickman #

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