Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-03

  • "Zero tolerance for reputation-harming actions". Short of kidnapping its customers, what could #Barclays do to harm its _reputation_? #
  • I wouldn't expect #Spain to win any further. The gods of football won't appreciate two goals scored against a 10-man side. #Euro2012 #hubris #
  • On the positive side, there is not even one Spaniard in the office where I'm working at the moment. Phew! #Euro2012 #
  • My week on twitter: 16 retweets received, 10 new followers, 25 mentions. Via: #
  • Today's retort to questioning Brits: remember the last time your country was in a final? I do, it was yesterday 🙂 #Euro2012 #Italy #
  • L'assunzione di dirigenti medici su base politica va paragonata alla tentata strage. #Italia #
  • Un po' tanto provinciale @alinomilan sulla rappresentanza parlamentare Italiani all'estero. Tsk tsk. #
  • lamentarsi di non conoscere chi sia il proprio parlamentare è assurdo ai tempi di internet. @alinomilan #
  • Read @drgrist explain part of the #climatechange problem with rare clarity #

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