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“It is very difficult to induce lawmakers to pass laws for the benefit of the unborn who have no votes”

Major Leonard Darwin, speaking at the Second International Eugenics Congress, at the AMNH around September 25, 1921:

“It is very difficult to induce lawmakers to pass laws for the benefit of the unborn who have no votes”

From the same session:

“Dr Davenport said that the study of eugenics must progress until proofs of its contentions are piled high and have impressed the general community, before political action becomes a possibility”



Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-31

  • Monti ha parlato venerdì di "generazione perduta" e irrecuperabile. Speriamo sia solo bravo a simulare la cretinaggine. @guglielmopicchi #
  • Tanti saluti a voi #generazioneperduta @pierovietti @CarloStagnaro @LaValleDelSiele @StefanoCeccanti @alinomilan @simonespetia @Perdukistan #
  • Se hai 30-40 anni in #Italia il tuo Primo Ministro ti considera #generazioneperduta Speriamo non metta ora un'addizionale IVA sulle lapidi #
  • Il peggior medico è troppo pietoso. Il secondo peggior medico ti considera già morto. #generazioneperduta #chiunquemegliodimonti #Italia #
  • Communists push to a future tha'll never exist, 'Islamic' terrorists to a past that has never existed. The fort to hold is the present time. #
  • . @beppesevergnini pure Gnudi a Londra…ormai è un governo di Tecnici dell'Aereonautica!! in reply to beppesevergnini #
  • . @leohickman you can't understand #climate skepticism because you don't want to know what your interlocutors are skeptical about. #
  • Many #climate alarmists belittle skeptics on the basis of a perfectly imbecile attitude, pivoted around a triple-locked mind. #agw #
  • Épée at the Excel. #London2012 #
  • Plenty of empty seats. Surely the toilet queues are gigantic /sarc @London2012 #fencing #
  • Tante sedie vuote per la Spada a #Londra2012 . Chi ha rapito gli spettatori? @fcavalera @ATempoDiSport #
  • I'll believe #Pistorius 's prosthetics provide unfair advantage the day people start cutting their legs in order to win gold. #London2012 #
  • First semi starting. Chinese sporting focuses on Very Tall People apparently. #London2012 #fencing #
  • Halftime 6-5. Ukrainian holding despite massive length disadvantage. #London2012 #fencing #
  • Height isn't everything, in épée… #London2012 #fencing #
  • That's it with Mexican Waves from me. #London2012 #fencing #
  • Some referees no spring chickens. Any one of them at their 30th Olympiad? #London2012 #fencing #
  • Tedeschi chiassoni. #Londra2012 #Scherma #
  • Korean Trainer has argument with spectator #London2012 #fencing #
  • TV evidence valid in #fencing FY FIFA! #London2012 #
  • Would be nice if anybody explained what's going on @London2012 #London2012 #fencing #
  • Wouldn't be surprised if the riot police bursted in 🙂 #London2012 #fencing #
  • I 30-40nni Parlamentari dovrebbero oggi stare zitti e buoni in quanto #generazioneperduta . #Italia #
  • So…it's some timing issue regarding the last second. No Higgs Boson involved …so far! #London2012 #fencing #
  • A #Londra2012 manca la "stranezza" di sentire 1000 linguaggi alle Olimpiadi. Perché si sentono ogni giorno. @ivanscalfarotto @francescocosta in reply to ivanscalfarotto #
  • Olympic Games make people of 200+ Nations meet up? Then London is the Constant Olympiad. @MayorofLondon @London2012 #London2012 #
  • The Korean Èpée coach is an idiot. Shin A Lam abandoned on stage. #London2012 #fencing #
  • . @EnricoLetta anche tu sei #generazioneperduta secondo Monti. Ogni assenso al Colle una picconata alla vostra credibilità. in reply to EnricoLetta #
  • It's the moment for Korean credit cards. #London2012 #fencing #
  • At some point we will surely see some slightly anticipated Tae Kwon Do move… #London2012 #fencing #
  • Any very good lawyer available for #Rio2016 I'm planning to win some #fencing gold medal. #London2012 #
  • One last hope…the Korean fencer's kidneys doing their work. Otherwise we'll be camping here. #fencing #London2012 #
  • Ok drama finished. Now what? #London2012 #fencing #
  • PA said it was Olympic history. Expect a new pub quiz question. #London2012 #fencing #
  • Covert Olympic sponsoring! #Fencing referees keep saying en garde / PRÊT / allez. #London2012 #
  • Korean coach playing the nice guy in defeat but if I were Mr Shin I'd have a few words with him #London2012 #Fencing #
  • Finally some good Robert Fripp after the mysterious omission from Opening Ceremony #London2012 #Fencing #
  • If Mark Twain could see the épée fights of today…well, he wouldn't be impressed #London2012 #Fencing #
  • Ukrainian win a crowd pleaser. #London2012 #Fencing #
  • Finale della #Spada particolarmente atletica – a tratti sembrava un film con D'Artagnan. #Londra2012 #Scherma #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-30

  • Italy new Olympic powerhouse, second in the medals' tally. #London2012 #
  • Gioisci @antoniopolito1 chi fece il #Porcellum perse le elezioni. Immagino non abbiano imparato niente. #Italia in reply to antoniopolito1 #
  • #AGW debate turns around #RichardMuller 's opinions? So much for the #IPCC and its "2500 scientists". #climate #
  • My week on twitter: 24 retweets received, 17 new followers, 111 mentions. Via: #
  • #Climate alarmism, like all modern-day public health scares, is based on a fundamental denial of history #
  • I'll have to double check Olympics reporting in Italy. Is it as chauvinistic as the BBC's? #London2012 #
  • #RichardMuller was a "skeptic" only for the strict fundamentalists @GarthGodsman @etzpcm in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • #RichardMuller 's BEST achievement: uniting skeptics and believers alike in considering his work boringly rubbish #agw #
  • I'm the World Record holder in the category "People with my name born on my birthday in my hometown". At least, I hope so! #London2012 #
  • Sono detentore del Record del Mondo nella categoria "miei omonimi nati nei miei stessi giorno e città". O almeno spero! #London2012 #
  • M&S's "Gastropub" Pram & Chargrilled Chicken Paella is much better cooked, as the name implies, in the pan. #
  • Few move from women weightlifting into a supermodel career. #London2012 #
  • Due to the weather, beach volleyball to be renamed Sea-side Waterpolo. #London2012 #
  • Often the @London2012 ticketing system shows as "available" events where NOT EVEN ONE TICKET is actually available. #London2012 #fail #
  • The @London2012 ticketing fiasco is unlikely to be an outright scam probably another monumental Olympic service failure like with security. #
  • . @RyanMaue great timing. Nobody can say "it's just the US" after pestering for weeks about US heatwave @aDissentient @BarryJWoods in reply to RyanMaue #
  • Pellegrini lontana dal podio. Al @Corriereit dovranno adesso ritornare ad occuparsi di Belen. #Londra2012 #
  • They say it's about war but I think it's "just" life #
  • L'Italia di Twitter conferma l'innato veterosocialismo che gioisce al vedere sconfitto chi ieri vinceva. #Londra2012 #
  • Olympic football is a total farce. Bring back tug-of-war!! #London2012 #
  • Muller-Watts #AGW synthesis: planet warmed by ½ of not-a-lot last 50y. Expect same next 50y, or 20y if China burns like crazy. Amen #climate #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Please explain @DannyBoyleFilm why do you dislike Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden? 🙂 #London2012 #
  • According to the ticketing website, boxing, weightlifting and football are the sports most in need of spectators at #London2012 #
  • Anche Passera guarda caso a Londra per l'inizio delle Olimpiadi. Più che tecnici sembrano volatili. #
  • Fermare il Declino #
  • Fermare il Declino #
  • TV ad alta definizione. È la prima Olimpiade dei Brufoli. #London2012 #
  • HDTV. Now we can really watch the Olympics, warts and all. #London2012 #
  • Cycling road race to cost 000's more to the taxpayer as dozens of speed cameras run out of film. #London2012 #
  • Duran Duran fighting for Olympic cycling medal. So where are the Spandau guys? #London2012 #
  • . @buro9 @sarahluv81 doping is like professionalism of old…everybody has to do it but hypocrites run the show #London2012 in reply to sarahluv81 #
  • Romney in Israel. Has WWIII been declared yet? @BorowitzReport in reply to BorowitzReport #
  • Napolitano piange al funerale. È davvero il tempo di fare il Senatore a vita. #Italia #
  • Greenland is the only island without membership of FINA, the international swimming federation. #London2012 #
  • Some poolside cameras seem designed to report details of individual follicles on the swimmers' bodies. #London2012 #
  • Whatever happened to Craig Henson's face? Has he met a few jellyfish in the pool? #London2012 #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-28

  • Dear #London2012 visitors! Problems on @Se_Railway aren't "problems", rather "standard service". Please leave 8h early to get there in time! in reply to Se_Railway #
  • H. G. Wells: "The Universe, or nothing". NASA chose Earth over the Universe, hence nothing @NoDirectAction in reply to NoDirectAction #
  • Calma @alinomilan : si sente molto bene quando i fogli sono lanciati contro il tavolo. Prendetene atto, a chiamare #Radio24 sono tizi strani #
  • Plan B for the #London2012 opening ceremony, a flotilla doing a pretend battle in the middle of the flooded stadium pitch… #
  • Beijing Mayor loses job after floods incompetence. Nowadays it's easier for people to get listened to, OUTSIDE a democracy… #
  • Transform Archery into Harpoonery. #ideasforafloodedolympiad #London2012 #
  • Non mi meraviglierei di scoprire dietro la chiusura #ILVA nessuna o quasi base scientifica. #Taranto #
  • More evidence against blaming gun availability to massacres #Aurora #
  • Yes!!! RT @TravelWithWater: What-if scenarios, uncertain futures and unclear outcomes aren't worthy of your fear, dread and anxiety. #
  • With @MichaelEMann believing in a 'well-oiled denialist machine' I can only surmise it's silly season for @AJCorner – @flimsin @BarryJWoods in reply to flimsin #
  • Napolitano incontra Draghi. A Londra. Il 27 luglio 2012. Olimpiadi a spese del contribuente 8-( #
  • Due to the presence of Sir Paul McCartney, the #London2012 opening ceremony will go dark and quiet at 10:40pm sharp. #
  • Sir Paul will be singing 'God Save The' before being cut off as usual. #London2012 #
  • What is the morality of putting a paper about morality and climate change behind a paywall? @drgrist #
  • Was wondering how anybody could have trouble beating Pres. Obama this year. Then Romney came to London… #USA2012 #
  • What is the morality of putting a paper about morality and #climate change behind a paywall? @drgrist #
  • Seriously @flimsin @BarryJWoods what Corner can't comprehend is that "away from mainstream"="fringe" where skeptics coexist with nutters #
  • Senza il testo originale della perizia epidemiologica sulla #ILVA di Taranto restano molti dubbi sulla necessità della chiusura. #
  • Major #fail MT @Steveology @jowyang: the London Olympic web team doesn't know how the internet works #London2012 #
  • Afghanistan team not followed by drone. Strange. #London2012 #
  • IOC: 202. UN: 193. Ban-ki Moon seen crying in New York as Jacques Rogge's is bigger indeed. #London2012 #
  • Would be funny if a country's athletes all wore pointy ears and walked behind a Vulcan flag… #London2012 #
  • Dave spotted looking at his government's books. "Hey Sam what the heck am I supposed to do with all these figures". #London2012 #
  • Sounds like U2 have been coerced into being British #
  • The Former Middleton almost huffed on live TV! #London2012 #
  • RT @la_pippi: Ma il Vaticano non c'e'?? Peccato! Potevano almeno mandare il #maggiordomo #olympics #
  • A golden armpit? A GOLDEN ARMPIT? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh #TeamGB #London2012 #
  • The designers of the Czech and Brit team uniforms have already been arrested for Crimes against the Olympics. #London2012 #
  • Rogge walks around with a minder. #timetoretire #London2012 #
  • Elvis! If you really plan to land aboard a flying saucer, THE TIME IS NOW! #London2012 #
  • Diabolical! Ban-ki Moon sneaked into the ceremony! #London2012 #
  • Seven like the planets. The Greek gods are having the last laugh. #London2012 #
  • PINK FLOYD FINALLY! about time!! #London2012 #
  • First victim, the Health & Safety guy. His heart couldn't resist the 1,000th explosion in the middle of a crowded stadium. #London2012 #
  • Ceremony will continue at 4am with delayed celebration of British railways #London2012 @peter_mount @clokey74 in reply to peter_mount #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-27

  • A new low for journalism #
  • By following the stupidest alarmism about the Arctic, @Avaaz has made me…skeptical of all their other efforts as well. Congrats. #
  • . @marioadinolfi pensavo fossi meno 'benpensante'. Ho ascoltato ora Fioravanti a @LaZanzaraR24 e non hai capito niente. in reply to marioadinolfi #
  • Draghi affossa lo spread. I cinesi sicuramente non ne sono sorpresi… @simonespetia @alinomilan #
  • Who would have thought computer simulations would have degenerated into analyses of b-movie catastrophe scenarios @DiscoverMag in reply to DiscoverMag #
  • Rimosso Sindaco Pechino causa incompetenza. La Repubblica Popolare, esempio di democrazia per l' Italia! /sarc #
  • Taking advantage of latest weather events to promote #agw propaganda is a wasted effort with short-lived consequences #
  • New WYSI_not_WYG interface for #Confluence 4,0 feels like 20th Century throwback. Hopefully @atlassian will get 5.0 out soon. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-26

  • Wind energy: where the poor give money to the filthy rich in the middle of a deep and long recession. @bbcr4today #
  • Science-based policymaking looks like a good idea until one realizes the policymakers pay for the "science" in the first place. #
  • #Climategate Uni victim of "hacking" hired PR expert who's now been charged in separate hacking scandal. #UEA always top for.ridicule. #agw #
  • The only worthy goal for a government is to reduce people's vulnerability. Happiness, health, money, whatever, they're all by-products. #
  • To be clear: the #Climategate "PR expert" is charged in the phone hacking of a murder victim. #UEA wise in choosing who to consort with. #
  • In an effort to combat immigration #UKIP will today urge voters and sympathizers not to support #TeamGB athlete descendants of the Huguenots #
  • . @Corriereit ma quale #perappassionati il vs. sito è pieno di quella robaccia per pettegoli e guardoni. Cosa non si fa per un click in più in reply to Corriereit #
  • #London2012 shaping up like the first Summer Olympics where athletes will be at risk of dying of exposure…to cold! #
  • Let's move #BeachVolley for #London2012 to Wimbledon…with the roof closed! And the heating on, obviously. #
  • Quando i "tecnici" proibiscono le vendite allo scoperto, allora capisci che in #Italia il problema di fondo sono i tecnici, non i politici. #
  • . @angealfa i partiti in #Italia come diceva Montale…questo solo possono dirci, ciò che non sono, ciò che non vogliono in reply to angealfa #
  • La colpa dei guai in #Italia è Google, che fa capire a stranieri trader compresi le sciocchezze sparate giornalmente dalla classe dirigente. #
  • Adesso le polemiche sulla Sicilia e la farsa delle province arrivano fino in Australia in pochi minuti facendo di Monti l'ennesimo fantoccio #
  • For how many months has Britain not been in a recession since the approval of the Climate Change Act? @BarryJWoods @adissentient #
  • Consiglio di Stato blocca l'Area C. L'Italia continua l'appassionata opera di suicidio. #
  • Storia di Harrodsville – ottimo esempio da applicare contro lo Stato ed Equitalia @CarloStagnaro @chicago_blog #
  • Good job @Revkin – hype is killing climate science. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-25

  • According to a BBC ad, Radio4 is "the home of comedy". Well, that explains a lot about @BBCr4today doesn't it #
  • "Culi e tette" impazzano su @Corriereit – come se fosse scritto per intellettuali italiani, cioè bavosi cinquantanovenni… #
  • Disclaimer: when I RT something, go read the original author's timeline for context. #
  • L'ingerenza politica della Chiesa in #Italia (e non in Francia) è sintomo e concausa della debolezza dello Stato. #
  • If @sciam won't publish the assuredly groundbreaking rubbish research on #climate catastrophe, Rolling Stone will pick it up. h/t @RyanMaue #
  • Qualcuno (l'ultimo giornalista serio?) dovrebbe confrontare le lezioni del Prof. Monti con le azioni del Primo Ministro Monti. #Italia #
  • #Apple tried to ban Persian from its premises but people, after renouncing balconies spinach and pyjamas, couldn't really do without caviar #
  • Three days to go #London2012 #
  • Another terrible day at #LondonBridge @Se_Railway . One train for six platforms, cannot be "congestion". @London2012 in trouble already? #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-24

  • . @KLSouth @deadvoter @piersmorgan as most killers are male shouldn't we ban MEN? #AuroraShooting in reply to deadvoter #
  • Right on! Especially if ads have an athlete's pic! MT @SciencePunk: from today to Aug12, I won't buy anything with a #London2012 logo on it. #
  • #LondonBridge a mess today. What will it become during #London2012 a refugee camp? @MayorOfLondon @Se_Railway #
  • #NASA went to the Moon for the last time in 1972 and started its Mission to Planet Earth the same year. Going nowhere. #space #
  • Se matrimonio e famiglia si basassero sulla procreazione, il primo verrebbe proibito a infertili e vecchietti. @LaZanzaraR24 #
  • Security risk for @London2012 @MayorOfLondon : Olympic personnel boarding public trains with their badges clearly visible. #London2012 #
  • Yikes! In time for #London2012 … MT @thef35: we delivered the 1st international F-35 to the UK Thursday #
  • Virgin "SuperHub" idiotically stuck on noisy WiFi channel in auto mode. Fixed it. How the h&ll do non-techies manage, I won't ever know. #
  • THE TWELVE SECONDS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!! (between minutes 2:47 and2:59) #climate #energy #agw #
  • 1920s: mass movements. 1940s: mass killings. 1950s: mass media. 1970s: more mass killings. 1990s: yet again. 2010s: mass murders. #
  • Try as you might, you won't ever find an old sci-fi movie showing people of 2012 writing on and playing with smart mobile phones… #
  • Remember the lonely alien Monolith of "2001: A Space Odissey"? WELL, WE'VE BEEN INVADED BY 0,000,000's OF THEM and we call them "Tablets"!!! #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-23


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-22


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-21

  • Spread a 504. Monti si occupa di province. No comment. #
  • Monti: "Prima di me era più alto". Berlusconi, un gigante al confronto del grigiume e del dolcefarniente? #Italia #
  • Any calls for banning violent movies yet? As if anybody thought of banning schools, after Columbine. #batman #Denver #
  • . @Astro_Ron if you say "disruptive technologies" again, somebody will outlaw them!!! in reply to Astro_Ron #
  • #primailnord non funziona perché anche se succedesse si trasformerebbe in #primalalombardia e poi #primabergamo @raffaele_volpi @DavideBoni in reply to DavideBoni #
  • Funny if #TeamGB won gold medal in soccer at the Olympics and everybody in Sco Eng Wal N.Ire had to awkwardly celebrate… #London2012 #
  • Chissà se la storiella del "travestito da Joker" sopravviverà alla nottata… #
  • If the 2nd Amendment were the problem behind #AuroraShooting then at least one spectator would have shot back. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-20

  • Tom and Katie have reached a divorce agreement remarkably quickly…any surge in attempted suicides among trash journalists yet? #
  • #bbcgolf has an interactive video player for the Open. I wonder if viewers can nudge the ball too? Or vote which direction it should go… #
  • Invidio fortissimamente tutti coloro che hanno fiducia nella Giustizia e nell'operato dei magistrati in #Italia . #
  • Everybody making bogus claims against the Freedom Of Information Act should be deported to North Korea with a CIA badge in the pocket. #foia #
  • 1) Open peer-review. 2) Remove editors from publishing decision. 3) Full data and code disclosure. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance in reply to dougmcneall #
  • Peers say "publish it", editors ought to publish it. "Peer-review" indeed, not editor's. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance in reply to dougmcneall #
  • Why "pricey"? Papers with mysterious data and/or code impossible to replicate obviously. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-19

  • The search for influencing strangers via the internet is only another manifestation of feeling insecure and lonely #
  • 'Deadly inactivity' brouhaha says a lot about sensatio-fascism killing the reputation of doctors, The Lancet and the BBC. (cont) #
  • (cont) Public Health, as shown by Robespierre and John Harvey Kellogg, has always attracted the unhinged and the pet-project-obsessed. #
  • Che senso ha cambiare la politica quando leggi e norme sono scritte da raccomandati semi-ignoranti e irresponsabili? @chicago_blog #Italia #
  • . @guglielmopicchi immagina la follia. Pieno di debiti, chi preferirebbe affamare i figli ma tenere i gioielli in cassaforte??? #
  • . @Revkin @Mark_Lynas Welcome to the skeptic side! in reply to Revkin #
  • Thunderstorms expected in Eastern US today. "Thunderstorms are caused by global warming" expected in newspapers tomorrow. Yawn. #agw #
  • . @b0yle if a dwarf planet weren't a planet, would it mean a small person isn't a person… #PlutoLives in reply to b0yle #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-18

  • "Il pianeta brucia" dice Rovelli sul Sole24Ore del primo Luglio. A pagina 27. Non è una cosa seria @armassa @sole24ore #clima #
  • Missiles on top of buildings, army personnel guaranteeing Olympic security…how long before drones patrol the skies of #London2012 ? #
  • Inutile discutere di politica in #Italia adesso a meno che uno non si consideri un serio candidato alla Presidenza del Consiglio. #
  • Impegnati a ferire e uccidere chi abbia un'opinione, gli estremisti e i mafiosi sono in #Italia agenti della stasi e burattini del potere. #
  • . @chiadegli la vera incomprensione è nel ritenere il giornalismo capace di informare invece che allarmare e confermare pregiudizi in reply to chiadegli #
  • Somebody please protect the Shooting Sports competitors at #London2012 …I wouldn't be surprised to see them all accused of terrorism … #
  • Sometime next year Madonna will start being accompanied on stage by the grown-up grandchildren of her original dancers #
  • "Dimostrare" che i gay non abbiano bisogno di sposarsi = dimostrare che non ne hanno bisogno neanche gli etero. Aboliamo il #matrimonio #
  • Actually, Shooting Sports at #London2012 won't be held in the Olympic Park. Probable venue, Guantanamo. #
  • La follia della Medicina pubblica in mano a raccomandati porta anche alla manomissione delle cartelle cliniche. #Italia #
  • Minetti, Lombardo, festività …è il giorno delle notizie finte. Qualcuno controlli se stiano nascondendo qualcosa, Governo e Parlamento… #
  • #Tour_de_France : where the aware cheer for the drug-enhanced under the watchful eye of the hypocrites #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-17

  • . @santalmassi legge solo Fatto e Corriere? Ahinoi! Schiena dritta, occhiali storti… #
  • Renzo: io non finisco come #Alfano Alfano: io non finisco come #Renzi #Italia noi finiamo peggio di entrambi. @angealfa @matteorenzi #
  • Mondays in July the best time to be by the Italian seaside #
  • Every "green" fighting against #shale gas in Europe should have their bank statements checked for Russian donations #
  • In effetti la prima conseguenza della mancanza di matrimonio gay è lo svilimento di quello etero.@AnnalisaChirico @VittorioSgarbi #
  • Domani @pbersani promette di risvegliare la fiducia. So vede che non sono il solo ad addormentarsi quando parla. #
  • Policymakers cannot seriously claim to base your decisions on science if they themselves funded that "science" in the first place. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-16

  • Mahatma #Gandhi had admiring words for Mussolini when he visited Rome @BBCFooc – Alan Johnston could've checked eg #
  • My week on twitter: 34 retweets received, 15 new followers, 106 mentions. Via: #
  • La cosa più ridicola adesso è leggere che i "comunisti" di cui parla #Berlusconi "non esistono", nonostante quanto ha fatto ieri @pbersani #
  • Should I be worried of the number of times Junior mentions @jcrclarksonesq as source of all knowledge #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-15

  • Colera a Cuba. La fine del sogno della Impareggiabile Sanità Comunista? #
  • In #Italia aspettativa di vita vicina al secolo. 100 anni in cui lamentarsi di tutto e rovinare e rovinarsi la vita. #
  • . @francescoVerbar dovrebbe infatti essere portato a 80 anni con riassegnazione a 60 anni da lavori usuranti a categorie protette in reply to francescoVerbar #
  • Jellyfish 1 – Maurizio 0 #
  • Actually it feels more like Jellyfish 40 – Maurizio 0 #
  • Possibile che Monti sia sempre in giro per conferenze convegni incontri summit Bilderberg e bilaterali? Ma quando "lavora"? #Italia #
  • RT @angelapiscite (Monti) è un modello fabbricato per il mercato estero: per farlo funzionare qui bisogna cambiarci la spina. #
  • Naturale anche se tardi lasciare #FLI ora che anche Fini se n'è andato. Chi si è fatto turlupinare non si atteggi ora a novello Aristotele. #
  • Global thermonuclear war would settle the #climate #overpopulation and #immigration debates. Too bad for its other consequences … #
  • No art in the evident and little in the explicable. #
  • Inutile discutere con chi chiede perché votare #Berlusconi basta fargli leggere le gesta di @pbersani per spiegare tutto. #
  • . @flimsin talks of ocean "acidification" help me clear out the arteries. Reducing debts <> increasing savings. in reply to flimsin #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-14

  • Deaths…economic slowdown..more deaths. @BBCR4Today is now officially publicly-financed tabloid journalism. #
  • Of course deaths are news but the choice of opening the newsreading with "from bad to worse" is telling. @BBCR4Today #
  • Will you have the courage @BBCR4Today to ask what observation would be contrary to "climate change is bad"? #
  • Ralph Cicero spoke against catastrophism @ed_hawkins @Foxgoose @dougmcneall @richardabetts @barryjwoods @aDissentient I can die in peace now in reply to ed_hawkins #
  • Ralph Cicero has just spoken out against climate change catastrophism on @BBCr4today . @MichaelEMann @BadAstronomer @drgrist #
  • . @London_2012News is #IAAF still going to disqualify false-starters? Seems a technologically primitive decision. #
  • Can you see Addendum to this paper @ivanoransky ? (hint: it's only at the bottom of the linked pdf) #
  • For the record IMHO @NatureClimate incompetent not scammers in #climate comms @Foxgoose @dougmcneall @ed_hawkins @richardabetts @barryjwoods in reply to Foxgoose #
  • . @mark_lynas @bryworthington "Rather than a flat “it can't be done” I much prefer to hear “it can only be done if”" in reply to mark_lynas #
  • The John #Terry "racism" case is a giant waste of time and a shame to the judiciary in England and Wales. #
  • Racism is a serious problem. Luckily the fight against it has NOT been cheapened by a bogus sentencing of John #Terry #
  • I can highly recommend to follow @ivanoransky an extremely entertaining no-nonsense Master of the English language #
  • Zucconi che non siete altro @NichiVendola "Fly Family"="Famiglia di Mosche". Possibile nessuno parli inglese??? In aereoporto "Air Nursery". in reply to NichiVendola #
  • Fraud-spotting scientist will soon publish his perfect-data-busting statistical techniques #
  • Ne ho piene le scatole di Italiani che spendono migliaia di € per organizzare iniziative in cui si usa una lingua inglese da poveri idioti. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-13

  • FIFTH moon discovered around PLANET #Pluto #
  • And here's a good reason why #Pluto is a planet from a podcast by Yours Truly #
  • . @peter_mount as written by a commenter to the podcast "dwarf planet" concept fundamentally wrong when used to say Pluto "not a planet" in reply to peter_mount #
  • Ads for "Julius Caesar" and "Lion King" both sport half-naked wildish black male actors. Too many un-PC gays in ads-making industry? #
  • New York Times says #socialism is very bad – who knew? #
  • #Plutone ha cinque lune. È come se cacciato fuori dal club dei pianeti, avesse deciso di fare un Sistema Solare tutto per sé – h/t @garwboy #
  • Crash near London Bridge? We're being held hostage at various red signals on #southeastern (note for prosecutors: that's sarcasm) #
  • More red signals today than in Amsterdam – I'll hold a small Thanksgiving Ceremony if and when I reach the office. #southeastern #
  • Book exchanges on #southeastern : one passenger has finished War and Peace and is giving it to another in exchange for Proust's omnibus. #
  • Scalfari 110elode in Giurisprudenza? @alinomilan dovevo sapere qualità lauree italiane basse. Ne hanno dato una perfino a me. #
  • Il ritorno di Berlusconi significa la fine politica dei comprimari del 10%, incluso @angealfa – #PDL #
  • . @leohickman #climatechange as Divine Wrath, uh? Some more signs: in reply to leohickman #
  • Quite warm in #London Underground despite weather – hot August could turn into Olympic debacle. #London2012 #
  • Fully-computerised automobiles will result in additional 'reboot' lanes on motorways for people in need of restarting their cars @leohickman in reply to leohickman #
  • La pessima storia della condanna di Renato #Farina speriamo almeno sfoderi dal prosciutto tanti occhi finora servili verso la magistratura. #
  • I sondaggi #Eurisko per Alpitour sono scritti per chi è troppo ricco e annoiato o troppo povero e disoccupato per viaggiare Alpitour. #
  • Flop #Schettino in TV. Delusione a Media World, contavano in un aumento delle vendite dovuto agli oggetti lanciati contro i teleschermi. #
  • Affonda #Schettino in TV. È abituato. Stavolta una sola vittima, la verità. #
  • Juxtapose Gardiner's article to Davey's speech, and despair! @leohickman @BarryJWoods @aDissentient #
  • "Summer will arrive early tomorrow" in the UK. It was May 21st. #fail #
  • Una Confindustria coraggiosa raccoglierebbe i crediti d'impresa contro lo Stato e si farebbe pagare tutto @CarloStagnaro #
  • Straordinario e incredibile come gli imprenditori confrontino Stato ed Equitalia deboli e in ordine sparso @CarloStagnaro @chicago_blog #
  • Imagine being in the @NewHorizons2015 team, expecting a nice long cruise and instead having to change plans AGAIN for a new #Pluto moon… #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-12

  • Il problema della ricerca scientifica in #Italia è che è gestita da Italiani #
  • Se Giovanardi fosse pagato dalla Mafia, non potrebbe aiutare la criminalità più di adesso. #droga @alinomilan #
  • Il problema di #Berlusconi è che come un tardo imperatore si circonda di nemici e incapaci. Difficile immaginarsi adesso un cambiamento. #
  • #London employers should celebrate efforts by #southeastern to make people happy to reach their workplaces safe and sound! (and hours late!) #
  • Plenty of dental incidents at the Grauniad with all that gnashing of teeth @Cartoonsbyjosh @leohickman @icey_mark @dougmcneall @aDissentient in reply to Cartoonsbyjosh #
  • Good news for #London2012 : Triathlon will be done in one round, with competitors pushing their bikes whilst swimming the flooded roads… #
  • Story of #NASA demonstrates public agencies should be disbanded and reformed every 15 years #
  • È questo, l'antifascismo RT @CarloStagnaro: @omnologos #
  • #FLI addio. e poi ditemi che non l'avevo detto… #
  • Alla Prima teatrale di "Natale in casa Monti" molti spettatori hanno preferito leggere invece il Codice Civile, per sconfiggere la noia. #
  • A great #Higgs explanatory video #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-11


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-10

  • My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 11 new followers, 59 mentions. Via: #
  • Cannot see anything wrong in "rich" countries leaving the Euro rather than sharing the debt. #Finland would survive and the Euro too. #
  • La soluzione "nucleare" per l'Italia vede il fuoriuscire dall'Euro i "virtuosi" lasciando un'economia mediterranea enorme comandata da Roma. #
  • Only 30% convinced by #IPCC RT @ret_ward: 65% of UK public fairly or very concerned about #climate change: #agw #
  • Seven Brits every ten don't think humans are changing the #climate much or at all and still @ret_ward hails that as a success. Unbelievable. in reply to ret_ward #
  • . @ret_ward that's not what the IPCC says. If humans only partly responsible the whole UNFCCC collapses. in reply to ret_ward #
  • . @wxjared @weatherchannel contiguous USA is only 1.6% of the planet (© J Hansen) in reply to wxjared #
  • The story of Standard Oil should show the way on how to deal with banks (and countries) that are "too big to fail". #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-09

  • Renowned French author G Flaubert understood it all in the 1870s @GarthGodsman @Revkin @ebertchicago @JuddApatow #agw in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • . @astrolooney science should come before grandstanding statements blaming summer heat in Eastern USA on global warming #
  • . @astrolooney I believe like @Revkin that "#climate change" is a risk management problem + like the #IPCC that we need better tools for it. #
  • Che stupidaggine da Visco @Phastidio . Come un chirurgo che spaventato si rifiuti di tagliare arto in gangrena e poi dica "non è possibile". in reply to Phastidio #
  • Not one UK #climate activist is blaming Eastern USA heatwave on "global warming". Discuss @GarthGodsman @Revkin @ebertchicago @JuddApatow in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • Greenies believe there's a war against the environment. First victim of any war is truth. Greenies lie. QED. @vexnews @ShugNiggurath #agw in reply to vexnews #
  • Monti tuona contro Squinzi mentre Visco fa il ministro di una Banana Republic. Classe dirigente allo sbando. #Italia #
  • Your spat with Mann is invisible @Revkin . Perhaps he's deleted his side of it. #
  • . @Revkin Science is being tortured for the warmist cause and you blog about…Michelle Malkin?? Come on Andy show some courage!! #
  • Climate change is measured over many years. 'Journalist' comes from Latin for 'day'. Journalists can't understand climate change. QED #
  • Exactly @RyanMaue – read of when @RogerHarrabin got shouted at by Al Gore (!) in reply to RyanMaue #
  • Don't you get how damaging the ongoing Lonnie Thompson archiving scandal is to the #agw cause @Revkin @leohickman -well, THAT explains a lot #
  • . @BJGoldsmith @jcrclarksonesq "weird weather" is becoming the last refuge of the policy scoundrel in reply to BJGoldsmith #
  • Has anybody at the BBC written a word linking July heat in the Eastern US to climate change? @adissentient @clim8resistance @barryjwoods #
  • Obviously drought big news at @BBCR4Today but lack-of unreported -are we paying a licence fee to compete with Sky News? #
  • Dear @RogerHarrabin when was the last time my licence fee financed something else than a worrisome report about possible disasters? #bbc in reply to RogerHarrabin #
  • Sky News scours the world for bad news of various degrees of fabrication. Is that what sells? Then why would the #BBC compete for same? #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-08


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-07

  • Maturità aliena: Alla luce di Gv 18:36, discutere il significato dell'impegno politico della Conferenza Episcopale Italiana. #Italia #
  • Top of #Shard is a practical joke, it's a 'skySCRAPER' after all (ahr ahr ahr) @leohickman @mjhsinclair in reply to leohickman #
  • Plus #Shard shouldn't be looked at just from London. From Biggin Hill, it's like a Manifestation of Might. @leohickman @mjhsinclair in reply to leohickman #
  • If the BBC treated politicians the way they treat climate-hype believers, it'd be the 1950s again @aDissentient @BarryJWoods @leohickman in reply to aDissentient #
  • Anybody complaining about the #Shard should try to imagine how it would have looked had the Brutalists still been in charge… #
  • Tanto sforzo di #Maroni ma con quale obiettivo? Una "Lega dal Volto Umano" vacillerebbe perché intrinsecamente autocontraddittoria. #
  • Contrappasso divinamente geniale: Grillo che si diverte a storpiare i cognomi, si trova come primo sindaco importante tal 'Pizzarotti'. #
  • Given the speed and the bouncing around, I wonder how hot can a tennis ball become, nowadays? #
  • . @chicago_blog mai dare importanza a chi scrive o telefona a #Radio24 @LaZanzaraR24 dimostra che chi lo fa è spesso vicino alla follia. #
  • They call themselves climate hawks, in fact they're just paid prostitutes of the keyboard pontificating about imaginary conspiracies. #agw #
  • Unfathomable how many 2nd Amendment apologists give themselves away to the Government wrt the drug war and death penalty. #tcot #USA #
  • #Melancholia ruined by Lars von Trier himself. It is as if Munch had written several times "Look at the screaming figure!" on "The Scream". #
  • There is no science at all in claiming "I told you so" on #agw because it's warm in July in the USA @Revkin @ebertchicago @juddapatow in reply to Revkin #
  • Especially you @Revkin – is #agw a "risk management challenge", or the pursuing forever of weather disasters??? @ebertchicago @juddapatow #
  • Pontificating about CO2 emissions after every heatwave is just a form of scavenging @Revkin @ebertchicago @juddapatow #agw #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-06

  • Sad irony with @BBCr4today reporting how Syrian journalists can't be trusted. Well, many in the UK know the feeling… #
  • RT @24Mattino: Visti i soccorsi in italia, @ignaziomarino : "Monti faccia una legge: si puo' infartare dalle 9 alle 17" #24mattino #
  • The #southeastern driver has just spoken unintelligibly for a couple of minutes. We're outside London Bridge, unexpected as usual. #
  • #Chappatte insightful as usual. But how many will understand all he is referring to? #
  • God Particle vs Goddamn Particle è la solita leggenda metropolitana che piace a voi giornalisti @antoniopolito1 – più prob solo una battuta in reply to antoniopolito1 #
  • Mosca sul naso di Monti. Putin che cerca di intromettersi? #
  • Monti abbandona il taglio delle province. Possibile che uno arrivi a 69 anni per fare la figura dell'idiota? #
  • Genetic and cellular exchanges between mother and foetus mean there will never be such a thing as a 'perfect clone' + every mother a chimera #
  • Tell me @ret_ward how much is Murdoch paying for you to write in a subs-only website? – @mattwridley in reply to ret_ward #
  • From Tower Bridge, the Shard is a beautiful addition to the #London skyline. South and North riversides now like a Dr Who set @leohickman in reply to leohickman #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-05

  • Obesity (cost) figures are bound to be inflated… 🙂 @GarthGodsman in reply to GarthGodsman #
  • We need a Permanent Atmospheric Programme so there's always at least an orbiter around every planet with an atmosphere @carolynporco #space #
  • #Higgs boson the first postnormal particle, it's there only for those who want to see it @dr_david_w in reply to dr_david_w #
  • Amazing: @SciAm now lets #climatechange skeptics to speak w/o covering them with disparaging remarks thx @mdichristina #
  • C'è chi pensa #Monti faccia troppo poco (io), troppo (i soliti sindacati) e abbastanza (il @corriereit mandando il cervello all'ammasso). #
  • Ricapitoliamo: 'tagli' solo in bozza, riforma lavoro buona in bozza poi diventata una boiata, aumento IVA posposto di 3 mesi. Che sfacelo! #
  • La #Higgs è la prima particella democratica, esiste solo per chi vuole che esista. La fisica è entrata nel postmoderno. @a_rodighiero in reply to a_rodighiero #
  • Prima conseguenza, centinaia di articoli di giornale pieni di spazzatura tipo 'Particella di Dio' @a_rodighiero in reply to a_rodighiero #
  • Seconda conseguenza, la fisica trasformata in argomentucolo da gossip e infotainment @a_rodighiero in reply to a_rodighiero #
  • One day, whoever at @atlassian had idea of reducing @confluence editing to WYSIWYG will find a new purpose in life. 000's will be happier. #
  • Comedy time RT @metoffice: All our science goes through the rigourous peer review process with no bias in any of our forecasts or science #
  • . @mark_lynas @adissentient when the @metoffice replies like a political party, you know where their scientific priorities are… in reply to mark_lynas #
  • Aiuto! @micheleboldrin @CarloStagnaro cos'è una 'economia sociale di mercato' ??? #Monticicrede #
  • The #Higgs announcement was as if one opened the box, and Schrödinger's cat were still maybe alive. Or maybe dead. '5 sigma' alive, perhaps. #
  • Monti-Merkel: 'insieme per crescere'. Lo dicevo io che eravamo in mano a un manipolo di immaturi… #
  • . @GenteDiDestra il segreto è votare chi facendo i suoi interessi fa anche i nostri. in reply to GenteDiDestra #
  • Il teletrasporto esiste. Tanti si sentono meglio dopo una serata di dibattiti TV @rossa008 @robertocotroneo @nataliacavalli @kaizensose in reply to rossa008 #
  • . @carolynporco no matter how big one's aspirations, there's always somebody out there with a bigger dream 🙂 in reply to carolynporco #
  • . @Revkin how can Lonnie Thomson be of any use to scientific advance if he refuses sharing his data? in reply to Revkin #
  • Belief in following the One True religion is equivalent to the belief of speaking the One True language. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-04

  • La improvvisa ubiquità della Fico fa pensare a una campagna pubblicitaria mascherata come "notizie" e probabilmente ben "oliata" @rdlea in reply to rdlea #
  • Weather forecasting 2-week off is like a description of all possible universes. #
  • Comune di #Alessandria fallisce. La colpa non è "dei politici" ma di tutti i contribuenti locali capaci di intendere e volere @chicago_blog #
  • Prima dicono chissenefrega poi si lamentano delle tasse e infine danno la colpa 'ai politici' guardando la TV. Italiani uguali nei secoli. #
  • Monti sceglie sempre la strada meno difficile. Meglio avere qualcun altro, che non sia dedito al proprio quieto vivere. #Italia #
  • . @MartynWilliams2 you complained when @afneil couldn't find global warming outside his house. Will you do the same wrt Kevin Trenberth now? #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-03

  • "Zero tolerance for reputation-harming actions". Short of kidnapping its customers, what could #Barclays do to harm its _reputation_? #
  • I wouldn't expect #Spain to win any further. The gods of football won't appreciate two goals scored against a 10-man side. #Euro2012 #hubris #
  • On the positive side, there is not even one Spaniard in the office where I'm working at the moment. Phew! #Euro2012 #
  • My week on twitter: 16 retweets received, 10 new followers, 25 mentions. Via: #
  • Today's retort to questioning Brits: remember the last time your country was in a final? I do, it was yesterday 🙂 #Euro2012 #Italy #
  • L'assunzione di dirigenti medici su base politica va paragonata alla tentata strage. #Italia #
  • Un po' tanto provinciale @alinomilan sulla rappresentanza parlamentare Italiani all'estero. Tsk tsk. #
  • lamentarsi di non conoscere chi sia il proprio parlamentare è assurdo ai tempi di internet. @alinomilan #
  • Read @drgrist explain part of the #climatechange problem with rare clarity #