Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-25

  • Religious programme on BBC Radio 4 starts with… #Rioplus20 . Environmentalism replacing Christianity (and Islam, and everything else). #
  • Math-challenged #BBC Radio4 journos struggle with O-levels. They're obviously ready to join @BBCscience#
  • Anti-EU'ers seldom understand the #EU has been built with the intent of rendering its members harmless. Hence the diffuse incompetence. #
  • How many people connect on #Facebook only with friends, on #LinkedIn only with colleagues, etc? Who'd want to be so intimate with a website? #
  • Breivik killed Norwegians to save Norway. Osama killed Muslims to save Islam. Who will be killed by environmentalists but the environment? #
  • #Egypt is not far tonight from Algeria and Turkey. Hopefully nearer the latter. #
  • Jesus told people not to, John Lennon told people not to, but here we are in 2012 and people still are worried about "the future". Enough! #
  • Morsi is proclaimed President of #Egypt . First reaction ought to be "Praised be God!". Bloodshed avoided. #
  • I mean: #Egypt bloodshed avoided…for now. Never underestimate the ability of Egyptians to find a good reason to kill each other. #
  • Visto che tanti non vogliono vedere gay baciarsi, risolviamo il problema accecando gli omofobi… /sarc @LaZanzaraR24 @giucruciani #
  • #AEF2012 of course if everybody thinking otherwise is shut out, everybody remaining agrees. @GlobalEcoGuy in reply to GlobalEcoGuy #
  • Il primo "Cristiano" che vedo ossessionarsi contro i gay, oggi lo prendo a Morsi (con la maiuscola). #
  • Main difference between humans and other apes is that eg gorillas don't study chimps, chimps don't study orangutans, etc etc @borenbears in reply to borenbears #
  • So…does anybody know when exactly will #England start playing in the quarterfinal??? #Euro2012 #
  • Uscire dall' #Euro adesso รจ avere la brillante idea di cercare di ritirarsi, sconfitti, attraversando le linee nemiche. #
  • MT @BigJoeBastardi: nothing more frustrating than setting something up from so far out, then changing it, only to see the orig idea be right #
  • Save yourself aggravation @Revkin -ask @gaslandmovie what if anything would change his opposition to fracking. Answer: nothing. @NYgovCuomo in reply to Revkin #
  • Flight visuals on #BA so similar to video games, one half expects alien ships to show up and start shooting at plane… #