Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-24

  • Few realise #immigration is a blessing, since nobody wants to immigrate to a "bad" country. @BBCr4today #
  • To complain against #immigration is like to complain about being healthy, rich and youthful looking. @BBCr4today #
  • Destruction of the economy and a civil war will do wonders to bring down the #immigration numbers. @BBCr4today #
  • After today's news will you @BBCr4today retract misleading reports on drought and climate change in Britain? #agw #
  • Anybody with the courage to ask if any disaster forecasted at #Rio has happened in the 20y since? @BBCr4today #Rioplus20 #
  • #FoE survives on millions of pounds of government handouts. And you only interview FoE and the government??? @BBCr4today #Rioplus20 #
  • Tax avoidance can easily be solved by having a flat tax rate and no incentives whatsoever. #K2 #UK @BBCr4today #
  • Dimezzare le province: 2nda #boiata di Monti e colleghi dopo una riforma del lavoro che impedisce le assunzioni. @alinomilan @chicago_blog #
  • School fair Ferrari's are a sign of unsound mind, or weak garages #
  • This will be remembered as the bad-defence championship. #Euro2012 #
  • Ci sarà una difesa decente a #Euro2012 ? Avessi saputo, mi sarei presentato come centravanti pure io. #
  • Looks like I could have a good career as goalkeeper in at least 12 #Euro12 teams! #
  • #Green policy makes companies pay fines for not using something that doesn't exist – pity the Earth given its saviors #
  • Sleeping-pill manufacturers on the edge of bankruptcy as people discover they just need watch Spain-France to doze off at will. #Euro2012 #
  • Panico fra i farmaceutici: la gente ha scoperto che invece delle pilloline, per dormire basta guardare Spagna-Francia. #Euro2012 #
  • USA newspapers are now targeting the fools who follow Obama on Fox News and Romney on the New York Times. Lots of wasted journalistic time. #
  • Cartone animato americano del 1948 descrive esattamente cosa è poi successo in #Italia @chicago_blog @CarloStagnaro #
  • RT @DavidCoburnUKip: Test cases going through EU for reciprocal UK benefits in Norway & Switzerland if successful all EU to follow #