Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-23

  • . @IHTEnergy are you expected to run a profit? #
  • Your blog is big enough when you can answer questions by linking to an existing post containing relevant quotes and your commentary of them. #
  • Chissà come finisce. Monetine contro Napolitano, oppure daranno ragione a Berlusconi, riguardo l'orrore chiamato intercettazioni? #
  • Another silly twitter bot: @AlgaeMan #
  • A causa di problemi con la sigla, la Provincia di Brescia avrà sempre difficoltà ad essere presa sul serio a livello internazionale. #
  • #agw is soooooo 2011 #
  • Paradoxically or maybe not, Twitter bots can be recognized by their inability to meaningfully respond to the meaningless #
  • Some say #abortion is about the baby. No. It is about the woman. If they cared about the baby they'd fund research against natural abortions #
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @flimsin: Non-login FB link to Venn diagram. It's by fellow Mcr physicist @JamesWMonk @astronomyblog #
  • Reporters interlocked with NGOs, articles about fabricated scarcity, 'tendentious' Panorama programmes. Whatever happened to the #BBC ??? #
  • Dicono l'aborto riguardi il bambino. No. Riguarda la donna. Le organizzazioni "per la vita" non finanziano ricerca contro aborti spontanei. #
  • Thanks to some Angela M, millions around Europe will discover themselves Greek tonight. #Euro2012 #
  • Linesman who disallowed German goal has just been told his credit cards have been blocked. #Euro2012 #
  • Stretcher crew sitting near the Greek coach. How appropriate. #Euro2012 #
  • Referee please show a red card to that poor Greek goalie and put him out of his misery! #Euro2012 #
  • Fossi l'arbitro espellerei il povero portiere greco per manifesta incapacità. #Euro2012 #
  • Non ci sono più i Leonida di una volta!! @ecodies in reply to ecodies #
  • At the current rate, #London2012 will be the first Summer + Winter Olympics ever played together. #