Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-22

  • Doctors going to work today, earning usual money but not providing usual services? Sounds like fraud to me. @BBCr4today #UK #
  • Doctors going to work today, earning usual money but not providing usual services? Sounds like fraud to me. @TheBMA #
  • If HMRC can't recover past #K2 1% taxes, shouldn't it give us all back the 39% we paid by not using K2? @BBCr4today /sarc #
  • 3rd rule of London buses: they only open the doors within inches of the bus stop. Unless you sell your soul to the driver. #London2012 #
  • 2nd rule of London buses: they always show up after you've left the bus stop. They're constantly parked behind corners. #London2012 #
  • 1st rule of London buses: they always travel in pair. So if one is assaulted the other can run over the assailants. #London2012 #
  • Il "menare le mani" in #Italia in questo momento è il Marchio del Cretino – @alinomilan #
  • Assange could easily be left free if only he simulated terminal illness. #WikiLeaks #Pinochet #
  • . @ret_ward read NYT article on air-cons and coolants next time you dream about an AGW "denialist conspiracy" @Revkin @RogerPielkeJr #
  • Even of everybody agrees and there's no skepticism, still policies can remain stalled for years @ret_ward #
  • If "could" and "might" were outlawed, 97% of #climate science and journalistic articles would be illegal. #agw #
  • 2012: l'anno in cui troppi non si resero conto che il Governo Monti era solo l'ennesimo socialismo italiota @chicago_blog @ilfoglio_it #
  • Like tyranny, argument ad authoritatem only works when I am the authority @ponddrop @adissentient @keithkloor in reply to ponddrop #
  • . @guglielmopicchi chiedi a Monti in Aula che faccia outing e confessi il socialismo intrinseco nel Governo pseudotecnico Napolitano #
  • Una rovina d' #Italia è il diffusissimo vecchio socialismo, invidioso, opprimente, totalitario, moralista, borghese, ipocrita, gerontocrate. #
  • Su @weuropa il solito appiattimento di @EnricoLetta su #Napolitano Se Monti é l'unica soluzione, Letta ha fallito come politico. Se ne vada in reply to weuropa #
  • Great weather for the Olympics. Canoeing in Oxford St, waterpolo at Covent Garden… #London2012 #
  • The #K2 episode shows income tax in #UK is made of 1% income tax, 39% idiot tax for the idiots who don't use K2. #
  • Shell is currently greenwashing itself on the IHT/NYT… @Revkin @leohickman #
  • Food for thought about the imploding quality of peer-review in science in @ivanoransky 's latest post #
  • Se solo @matteorenzi ne avesse il coraggio, le polemiche con l'Espresso lo porterebbero a Palazzo Chigi @guglielmopicchi @giucruciani in reply to guglielmopicchi #
  • Mai dubitare dell'abilità di @pbersani di agguantare la sconfitta a pochi cm dalla vittoria! @guglielmopicchi @matteorenzi @giucruciani in reply to guglielmopicchi #
  • Is there a point in following @bbcscitech on Twitter or should I just find the WWF and Greenpeace accounts? /sarc #
  • Be honest @Avaaz @350 tell supporters of #EndFossilFuelSubsidies by whom and where those subsidies are actually paid (iran, Saudi, Russia) #