Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-12

  • Se Prandelli mette di nuovo Balotelli al posto di Di Natale, sarà bene mettere lui (Prandelli) al posto della Tymoshenko. #Italia #
  • Al TG1 da Roma parlano di Abuja, Nigeria (distanza: 3700km) con il corrispondente da Nairobi, Kenya (distanza da Abuja: 3400km) #
  • Science of #tippingpoints hindered by most of its proponents not having reached (yet?) the tipping point of being intelligent. (Cont) #
  • (Cont) For example describing #tippingpoints as inherently bad or leading to catastrophes makes the "science" a joke. #
  • BBC World News showing French footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs, traveling incognito. Who? Exactly! #
  • Balotelli ha fregato i razzisti, che (come tutti del resto) non si sono accorti che lui fosse in campo. #
  • My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 20 new followers, 19 mentions. Via: #
  • Expect a custom rudeness crisis by the #Olympics with thousands of law-abiding visitors verbally manhandled by untrained officials. #england #
  • I feel like #Spain today. May I have €100,000,000,000 too please? Or one millionth of that. #
  • Adesso @EnricoLetta si dà alla #greeneconomy ( #economiaverde . Con dieci anni di ritardo, e dopo l'eco-disastro di Zapatero. #poveraitalia #
  • Thousands still believing Naomi #Oreskes ' conspiracy theories are proof definitive Genesis 1:27 refers to a faulty scanner. #agw #climate #