Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-08

  • How to read a @guardianeco report/article: (1) wait a few days (2) see it debunked (3) read the report/article, laugh at its flawed content. #
  • Se Gesù avesse considerato così importante l'impegno politico dei Cristiani come tali sarebbe diventato un Senatore romano, non un falegname #
  • Torniamo alla lira! Torniamo milionari! #
  • Per collezionisti di numeri di targa in Italia, basta seguire i limiti di velocità, alla lettera #
  • If Jesus had thought important for Christians to be politically active as such, He'd become a Roman Senator rather than a carpenter. #
  • #Sustainability : where the result of 12,000 years of economic evolution is wrecked by those hell-bent on creating a fake "Heaven on Earth". #
  • #rio20 : where the rich and well-fed will determine that the only way to save the planet is for them to remain the only rich and well-fed. #
  • If summits were held on summits and especially in the Himalayan winter they'd be faster, cheaper, and probably even better. #

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