Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-07

  • How many times have @leohickman @guardianeco @suzyji to be shown credulous before they wake up to the problem? #
  • An overlooked problem in comparing the Unabomber to CAGWers is that it's offensive to _his_ intelligence. @HeartlandInst #
  • According to TV dramas, a large part of the ancient Roman population and especially nobles were of Anglo-Saxon origin. #
  • L'ordinariato universitario è tradizionalmente riservato ad "amanti di" e "figli di". Adesso ne abbiamo fatto Ministri. #poveraitalia #
  • Contrary to common opinion the #EU has been designed as an ineffective bureaucratic talkfest with corruption replacing wholesale slaughter. #
  • Am not alone! #

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