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  • Evidentemente chi ha fatto polemica su "work" invece di "job", è un cretino. #Fornero #riformalavoro #Italia #
  • Sarò cinico, ma preferisco aspettare qualche giorno prima di dire se l'euro-vertice sia servito a qualcosa, e se sia stato un successo. #
  • . @Furedibyte on #gaymarriage . What about divorce? Should State intervene for conflict resolution + protect the weak? #
  • On the positive side I'll be able in the future in London to reply to "Italians = Mafiosi" jokes by saying simply "Barclays!" #
  • #OceanAcidification is a sloppy concept by sloppy scientists. Like saying "debt increase" if one saves 900/month instead of 1,000 . #agw #
  • Se perdiamo con #Monti in tribuna il Governo degli Iellatori vacilla… #Euro2012 #
  • SCOTUS decision in favor of #Obamacare as a "poison pill" #
  • More #paleoclimate complexity #GRLjrnl via @theAGU #
  • NGO or public groups established to solve a problem should be disbanded before they discover ways to postpone solution to that problem. #
English Italy

The Italian Football’s Six-Year (quasi) Rule

1970- Italy in World Cup final (lost to Brazil)

1976- missing (European Championship in Yugoslavia, but had a completely different format than today’s)

1978, 1980 – see below

1982- Italy in World Cup final (won against Germany)

1988- Italy in European Championship semi-final (lost to the USSR)

1990  – see below

1994- Italy in World Cup final (lost to Brazil)

2000- Italy in European Championship final (lost to France)

2006- Italy in World Cup final (won against France)

2012- Italy in European Championship final

Outside the rule, Italy reached the World Cup semi-finals in 1978 (finished fourth having lost the Netherlands and Brazil); the European Championship semi-finals in 1980 (finished fourth having lost to Czechoslovakia); the World Cup semi-finals in 1990 (finished fourth having lost to Argentina and then won against England).



Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-29

  • #OceanAcidification is a sloppy concept by sloppy scientists. Like saying "debt increase" if one saves 900/month instead of 1,000 . #agw #
  • The #Barclays chief has acted either maliciously or without competence. Tertium non datur. #
  • Too bad @google didn't have the vision to extend the #Pirandello doodle to the whole world #
  • Ripeto: per ovvi motivi la tortura pubblica dei perpetratori sarebbe ottimo deterrente contro il #femminicidio . #Italia #
  • Easy solution to football's 0-0 finals curse: penalty-shootouts before each extra 15'. Muscles more rested, minds more clear. #Euro2012 #
  • Traffic in #London Trafalgar Sq so bad, even F1 cars will only be able to cross it at 68mph… #
  • If it ends in penalties tonight I'll boycott the final on Sunday. #Euro2012 #
  • #Balotelli looks like Muhammad Ali (on drugs). #Euro2012 #
  • Italy the only team of 15 who can realistically beat Spain #Euro2012 #
  • Napolitano ha scelto il Mario sbagliato! #Balotelli a Palazzo Chigi! Balotelli al Quirinale! Balotelli al Vaticano! #Italia #
  • Van Rompuy prevented EU leaders from watching the #Euro2012 football tonight. Well, if there's anybody with the face of a "party pooper"… #
  • With SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts siding with the POTUS on #Obamacare is it time for less asinine partisanship in the #USA Dream on… #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-28

  • Dirty (!!!) labels indicate directions to Olympic Park in Underground. Wakey wakey @tfl @MayorOfLondon #London2012 #
  • Funny business at the #BBC with fuzzy picture of Dan #Penteado used by news website despite hours and hours of #RogueTraders footage of him. #
  • . @TedTBall #socialism = pauperism ie destructive hate of success. Even Karl Marx had harsh words against it. in reply to TedTBall #
  • RT @lviggiano: Quando vedo #Monti a volte penso: ecco dov'è finita la salma di Mike Bongiorno! #
  • In the #Euro2012 semifinals, #Germany is the 'G' in 'PIGS' #
  • Se divento Ministro farò ogni dichiarazioni roboanti così milioni in #Italia discuteranno del niente lasciando a me le cose serie. #Fornero #
  • La Repubblica Italiana è fondata sul lavoro perché vive estraendo risorse da chi lavora. Ma da parassita invece che simbionte. #Italia #
  • La #riformalavoro è spartiacque politico-antropologico. Chi la vede "boiata" non può allearsi con chi la vede rivoluzione antioperaia. #
  • Am officially more skilful at football than Cristiano #Ronaldo . #Euro2012 #
  • Something obviously wrong. 4h of football without a goal scored. Let's forego the aggravation and do ONLY penalty shootouts! #Euro2012 #
  • 4 ore di calcio senza un goal. Il giocattolo è ovviamente rotto. Perché non tirano SOLAMENTE rigori e almeno non perdiamo tempo? #Euro2012 #
  • This ain't no football. #Euro2012 needs one more penalty shootouts to qualify as the saddest joke in history. #
  • Perché non giocare i supplementari senza portiere invece di questa farsa continua dei rigori @ATempoDiSport – il calcio è altro. #Euro2012 #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-27

  • . @StefanoFassina se l' #Italia non produce posti di lavoro che senso ha "ingessare" chi ne ha uno + oberarlo di tasse? #worstofbothworlds #
  • Circle line train stopping and starting to the point of motion sickness. What kind of magazines is the driver reading? #London #
  • Parentele alla #SIAE Difesa del diritto d'autore, anche a livello genetico… @pietro_ti @istbrunoleoni in reply to istbrunoleoni #
  • La commissione che preferisca il raccomandato al competente dichiara la propria incompetenza. Per i suoi componenti, dimissioni automatiche. #
  • The idea @DavidShukmanBBC of moving #BBC blogs to "closed for comment" after a day or two is too daft to be ascribed to malice. #
  • You're wrong @TheGWPF . The @metoffice forecasts aren't 'rubbish'. It takes great skills and effort to be completely and absolutely wrong. #
  • "Maledetti Italienisch"… @ilcruccu ma non esiste Google per tradurre in maniera quantomeno decente, al @corriereit ? #
  • Timidoni @ilcruccu @corriereit – ecco il mio PREGO per la correzione sul tedesco da maccheroni…visto che il commento me non lo pubblicate. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-26

  • Il Papa insegue il Dalai Lama fra i terremotati. Eppure non dovrebbero dare l'impressione di essere venditori di detersivi. #Emilia #
  • Lo Stato deve minimizzare le conseq negative dei conflitti interni e esterni + occuparsi di chi non può occuparsi di sé. Il resto è abominio #
  • State should minimize negative conseq of internal and external conflicts + care for those unable by themselves. Everything else is rubbish. #
  • My week on twitter: 58 retweets received, 17 new followers, 67 mentions. Via: #
  • Many internet discussions are absurd as nothing one could say could ever change the other's mind. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-25

  • Religious programme on BBC Radio 4 starts with… #Rioplus20 . Environmentalism replacing Christianity (and Islam, and everything else). #
  • Math-challenged #BBC Radio4 journos struggle with O-levels. They're obviously ready to join @BBCscience#
  • Anti-EU'ers seldom understand the #EU has been built with the intent of rendering its members harmless. Hence the diffuse incompetence. #
  • How many people connect on #Facebook only with friends, on #LinkedIn only with colleagues, etc? Who'd want to be so intimate with a website? #
  • Breivik killed Norwegians to save Norway. Osama killed Muslims to save Islam. Who will be killed by environmentalists but the environment? #
  • #Egypt is not far tonight from Algeria and Turkey. Hopefully nearer the latter. #
  • Jesus told people not to, John Lennon told people not to, but here we are in 2012 and people still are worried about "the future". Enough! #
  • Morsi is proclaimed President of #Egypt . First reaction ought to be "Praised be God!". Bloodshed avoided. #
  • I mean: #Egypt bloodshed avoided…for now. Never underestimate the ability of Egyptians to find a good reason to kill each other. #
  • Visto che tanti non vogliono vedere gay baciarsi, risolviamo il problema accecando gli omofobi… /sarc @LaZanzaraR24 @giucruciani #
  • #AEF2012 of course if everybody thinking otherwise is shut out, everybody remaining agrees. @GlobalEcoGuy in reply to GlobalEcoGuy #
  • Il primo "Cristiano" che vedo ossessionarsi contro i gay, oggi lo prendo a Morsi (con la maiuscola). #
  • Main difference between humans and other apes is that eg gorillas don't study chimps, chimps don't study orangutans, etc etc @borenbears in reply to borenbears #
  • So…does anybody know when exactly will #England start playing in the quarterfinal??? #Euro2012 #
  • Uscire dall' #Euro adesso è avere la brillante idea di cercare di ritirarsi, sconfitti, attraversando le linee nemiche. #
  • MT @BigJoeBastardi: nothing more frustrating than setting something up from so far out, then changing it, only to see the orig idea be right #
  • Save yourself aggravation @Revkin -ask @gaslandmovie what if anything would change his opposition to fracking. Answer: nothing. @NYgovCuomo in reply to Revkin #
  • Flight visuals on #BA so similar to video games, one half expects alien ships to show up and start shooting at plane… #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-24

  • Few realise #immigration is a blessing, since nobody wants to immigrate to a "bad" country. @BBCr4today #
  • To complain against #immigration is like to complain about being healthy, rich and youthful looking. @BBCr4today #
  • Destruction of the economy and a civil war will do wonders to bring down the #immigration numbers. @BBCr4today #
  • After today's news will you @BBCr4today retract misleading reports on drought and climate change in Britain? #agw #
  • Anybody with the courage to ask if any disaster forecasted at #Rio has happened in the 20y since? @BBCr4today #Rioplus20 #
  • #FoE survives on millions of pounds of government handouts. And you only interview FoE and the government??? @BBCr4today #Rioplus20 #
  • Tax avoidance can easily be solved by having a flat tax rate and no incentives whatsoever. #K2 #UK @BBCr4today #
  • Dimezzare le province: 2nda #boiata di Monti e colleghi dopo una riforma del lavoro che impedisce le assunzioni. @alinomilan @chicago_blog #
  • School fair Ferrari's are a sign of unsound mind, or weak garages #
  • This will be remembered as the bad-defence championship. #Euro2012 #
  • Ci sarà una difesa decente a #Euro2012 ? Avessi saputo, mi sarei presentato come centravanti pure io. #
  • Looks like I could have a good career as goalkeeper in at least 12 #Euro12 teams! #
  • #Green policy makes companies pay fines for not using something that doesn't exist – pity the Earth given its saviors #
  • Sleeping-pill manufacturers on the edge of bankruptcy as people discover they just need watch Spain-France to doze off at will. #Euro2012 #
  • Panico fra i farmaceutici: la gente ha scoperto che invece delle pilloline, per dormire basta guardare Spagna-Francia. #Euro2012 #
  • USA newspapers are now targeting the fools who follow Obama on Fox News and Romney on the New York Times. Lots of wasted journalistic time. #
  • Cartone animato americano del 1948 descrive esattamente cosa è poi successo in #Italia @chicago_blog @CarloStagnaro #
  • RT @DavidCoburnUKip: Test cases going through EU for reciprocal UK benefits in Norway & Switzerland if successful all EU to follow #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-23

  • . @IHTEnergy are you expected to run a profit? #
  • Your blog is big enough when you can answer questions by linking to an existing post containing relevant quotes and your commentary of them. #
  • Chissà come finisce. Monetine contro Napolitano, oppure daranno ragione a Berlusconi, riguardo l'orrore chiamato intercettazioni? #
  • Another silly twitter bot: @AlgaeMan #
  • A causa di problemi con la sigla, la Provincia di Brescia avrà sempre difficoltà ad essere presa sul serio a livello internazionale. #
  • #agw is soooooo 2011 #
  • Paradoxically or maybe not, Twitter bots can be recognized by their inability to meaningfully respond to the meaningless #
  • Some say #abortion is about the baby. No. It is about the woman. If they cared about the baby they'd fund research against natural abortions #
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @flimsin: Non-login FB link to Venn diagram. It's by fellow Mcr physicist @JamesWMonk @astronomyblog #
  • Reporters interlocked with NGOs, articles about fabricated scarcity, 'tendentious' Panorama programmes. Whatever happened to the #BBC ??? #
  • Dicono l'aborto riguardi il bambino. No. Riguarda la donna. Le organizzazioni "per la vita" non finanziano ricerca contro aborti spontanei. #
  • Thanks to some Angela M, millions around Europe will discover themselves Greek tonight. #Euro2012 #
  • Linesman who disallowed German goal has just been told his credit cards have been blocked. #Euro2012 #
  • Stretcher crew sitting near the Greek coach. How appropriate. #Euro2012 #
  • Referee please show a red card to that poor Greek goalie and put him out of his misery! #Euro2012 #
  • Fossi l'arbitro espellerei il povero portiere greco per manifesta incapacità. #Euro2012 #
  • Non ci sono più i Leonida di una volta!! @ecodies in reply to ecodies #
  • At the current rate, #London2012 will be the first Summer + Winter Olympics ever played together. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-22

  • Doctors going to work today, earning usual money but not providing usual services? Sounds like fraud to me. @BBCr4today #UK #
  • Doctors going to work today, earning usual money but not providing usual services? Sounds like fraud to me. @TheBMA #
  • If HMRC can't recover past #K2 1% taxes, shouldn't it give us all back the 39% we paid by not using K2? @BBCr4today /sarc #
  • 3rd rule of London buses: they only open the doors within inches of the bus stop. Unless you sell your soul to the driver. #London2012 #
  • 2nd rule of London buses: they always show up after you've left the bus stop. They're constantly parked behind corners. #London2012 #
  • 1st rule of London buses: they always travel in pair. So if one is assaulted the other can run over the assailants. #London2012 #
  • Il "menare le mani" in #Italia in questo momento è il Marchio del Cretino – @alinomilan #
  • Assange could easily be left free if only he simulated terminal illness. #WikiLeaks #Pinochet #
  • . @ret_ward read NYT article on air-cons and coolants next time you dream about an AGW "denialist conspiracy" @Revkin @RogerPielkeJr #
  • Even of everybody agrees and there's no skepticism, still policies can remain stalled for years @ret_ward #
  • If "could" and "might" were outlawed, 97% of #climate science and journalistic articles would be illegal. #agw #
  • 2012: l'anno in cui troppi non si resero conto che il Governo Monti era solo l'ennesimo socialismo italiota @chicago_blog @ilfoglio_it #
  • Like tyranny, argument ad authoritatem only works when I am the authority @ponddrop @adissentient @keithkloor in reply to ponddrop #
  • . @guglielmopicchi chiedi a Monti in Aula che faccia outing e confessi il socialismo intrinseco nel Governo pseudotecnico Napolitano #
  • Una rovina d' #Italia è il diffusissimo vecchio socialismo, invidioso, opprimente, totalitario, moralista, borghese, ipocrita, gerontocrate. #
  • Su @weuropa il solito appiattimento di @EnricoLetta su #Napolitano Se Monti é l'unica soluzione, Letta ha fallito come politico. Se ne vada in reply to weuropa #
  • Great weather for the Olympics. Canoeing in Oxford St, waterpolo at Covent Garden… #London2012 #
  • The #K2 episode shows income tax in #UK is made of 1% income tax, 39% idiot tax for the idiots who don't use K2. #
  • Shell is currently greenwashing itself on the IHT/NYT… @Revkin @leohickman #
  • Food for thought about the imploding quality of peer-review in science in @ivanoransky 's latest post #
  • Se solo @matteorenzi ne avesse il coraggio, le polemiche con l'Espresso lo porterebbero a Palazzo Chigi @guglielmopicchi @giucruciani in reply to guglielmopicchi #
  • Mai dubitare dell'abilità di @pbersani di agguantare la sconfitta a pochi cm dalla vittoria! @guglielmopicchi @matteorenzi @giucruciani in reply to guglielmopicchi #
  • Is there a point in following @bbcscitech on Twitter or should I just find the WWF and Greenpeace accounts? /sarc #
  • Be honest @Avaaz @350 tell supporters of #EndFossilFuelSubsidies by whom and where those subsidies are actually paid (iran, Saudi, Russia) #

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Negative Thinking and Tipping Points

A comment I just wrote at Bishop Hill (Jun 20, 2012 at 12:16 AM), answering a researcher on the topic of tipping points and climate change:

Doug – thanks for the reply. I can feel some major fundamental disagreements on the approach.

(I do hope you appreciate frankness, and rest assured I am not trying to convince you of anything!)

1. You say you don’t know much about positive tipping points. Like with Adam Corner’s psychosocial studies only of skeptics, this doesn’t sound like the wisest way towards understanding tipping points in general and independently from their “policy value”.

2. You say you “would expect a policy maker to take in information from a large number of sources on this”. But you’re aware the policy maker will never hear about positive tipping points, from anybody at all. This removes value to the advice and information you yourself provide, sort of telling a ship’s captain to steer away from the continent port-side whilst the two of you don’t notice the island approaching from starboard.

3. You are of the opinion that “there is a strong argument that an abrupt change in climate would likely affect social and ecological systems negatively”. Not really. I can see the problem from a Development Studies perspective thanks to some University-level studies of mine in that respect. There is an approach there called “Vulnerability Analysis”, where poverty is defined in terms of number and size of one’s vulnerabilities. Abrupt change of any sort of course will affect negatively the most vulnerable, simply because almost everything affects negatively the most vulnerable. Imagine somebody starving for a week, even eating food will become a risky activity for them.

This tells us nothing about the negativity of the change. OTOH the effect of the change on the less-vulnerable will depend on what kinds of vulnerability they suffer from. A priori, it is impossible to tell if change and even abrupt change will be overall negative or positive.

For example the invention of the internal combustion engine has been an abrupt, enormous effect on societies everywhere, but who would say it has been negative in general? And like there is no such a thing as a “system” of people that is mostly tuned to a particular environment (travel from Iceland to Senegal to see how flexible human societies are), just as well what happened at Krakatoa means “systems” of the wild can recover in amazing fashions.

Therefore, there cannot be any “strong argument” of the kind you describe. Perhaps there is a diffuse opinion that change=bad and abrupt change=awful, but it is an opinion, not a scientific finding.

4. Your final statement is perfectly logical but conveys a curious, illogical message. You say, “if there was a really large change in some aspect of the climate over, say, the next decade (anthropogenic or not), and climate science hadn’t at least warned about it, you would rightfully be angry”. Perhaps me, but surely whoever is paying for climate change research.

This is some form of recursive logic.

(a) Somebody finances climate change research with the aim of understanding if there is change in the pipeline and of what kind. This makes sense.

(b) Researchers whose job is to work about climate change with the aim of etc etc, in the face of obvious, enormous difficulties in providing what’s been requested think about how best to fulfil their duty. This makes sense.

(c) As the duty is to be able to warn in advance of changes, those researchers arrive at the conclusion that, if anything happens and they didn’t warn about it, they will be seen as a failure at their job/profession. This makes sense.

(d) Therefore, those researchers make sure they describe all the possibile negativities, so that nobody will be able to say, “you didn’t warn us about this”. This makes sense.

However, the end result is that the researchers don’t focus any longer on understanding if there is change in the pipeline and of what kind, but mostly on figuring out all the bad things that might happen, and assigning each a probability.

This makes no sense. The information finally provided risks reading like plain-language Nostradamus prophecies with informed risk estimates attached to them. If we did the same exercise about health risks in the home, there would be a law against entering bathrooms and kitchens.


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  • Chissà perché vedere Corrado Passera sull'autostrada mi fa venire in mente, "speriamo non si stia preparando al salto" #
  • In Nigeria non sono "musulmani" a uccidere "cristiani" e viceversa. Fossero atei, si ucciderebbero lo stesso. #
  • This is the year of great defending. NOT. #Euro2012 #
  • #Portugal obviously unfamiliar with kicking round object inside net. #Euro2012 #
  • According to the ITV4 Player, #Germany and #Denmark players regularly freeze in place, then move faster-than-light. #Euro2012 #
  • Balotelli guarisce… #Italia dunque ormai eliminata. A chi tocca adesso? Capello? #Euro2012 #
  • With Balotelli healthy again, chances for #Italy on the way down. I've heard Capello is available for the Brazil 2014 adventure. #Euro2012 #
  • The #Euro2012 plan for the #Netherlands seems to have been playing Andorra and San Marino with 30-ft-wide goals. It failed. #
  • #Greece vs #Germany will start at 2-0 as part of the #Euro2012 rescue package. #
  • I greci ringraziano i tedeschi: "Saremo SEMPRE in debito con voi". Sempre…. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-17

  • "Experts" in new technologies and ideas are almost invariably quacks. #
  • Never thought I'd say it: way to go Leo! for a great Lovelock interview! @leohickman @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @richardabetts in reply to aDissentient #
  • Ike himself spoke words like Lovelock's, in 1961 @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @leohickman @richardabetts #
  • The MMR-Autism Italian case is based on a variation of the Precautionary Principle @clim8resistance @keithkloor #
  • Che schifo vedere Monti comportarsi come un Obama qualunque @MariaLatella in reply to MariaLatella #
  • On "Hype up", Science and scientists @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @leohickman @richardabetts #
  • Monti: Italia di nuovo in crisi. Che dici Mariolino, arà colpa di Berlusconi, o di Prodi? O mia, magari! #
  • Tutte le dichiarazioni "a caldo" sono disinformazione, bugie e tendenziose #
  • Monti: usciremo da soli dalla crisi. Si aspetta dunque circa 59 milioni di suicidi? #
  • L'Italia è un Paese di fascisti, nel senso che il socialismo, la spartizione del potere e l'innamoramento per l'uomo forte sono maggioritari #
  • With such strong defence teams, #Ukraine and #England should finish their match with basketball-style scores. #Euro2012 #
  • Caro @chicago_blog se le PMI soffrono sarà anche colpa del loro ottuso disinteressamento verso la buona politica? @Rog_2 @f_smorgoni in reply to Rog_2 #
  • According to a telephone poll, 100% of people own a telephone. #
  • Advokaat clearly regretting showing all those John Terry tapes to the #Russia defenders… #Euro2012 #
  • Karagounis looking like Maradona before he failed the anti-doping test… #Euro2012 #Greece #
  • #Poland looking like going home tonight. Well, not much of a trip. #Euro2012 #
  • Eletto Primo Ministro a Vita nel 2013, Monti aumenterà la pressione fiscale fino al 100%, dopodiché passeremo alla donazione del sangue. #
  • #Russia from 1st to 3rd in group after goal scored 300km away. Quantum Physics UEFA-style… #Euro2012 #
  • Russia da 1a a 3a nel girone grazie a goal segnato a 300km di distanza. La UEFA si è data alla Fisica Quantistica… #Euro2012 #
  • Il numero di simulazioni da parte dei giocatori della #Grecia ne spiega, in assenza di protuberanze facciali, la bassa statura. #Euro2012 #
  • I have a feeling the #Russia team might be wise in traveling towards the West tomorrow. #Euro2012 #
  • #Greece went through by borrowing somebody else's goal. Of course. #Euro2012 #
  • Non ho problemi a seguire @lucabarbareschi . Il mio telefono è un Android…. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-16

  • Am so glad I don't live in @MichaelEMann 's world, forever "misrepresented" by evil enemies lurking everywhere #agw #
  • Remember @aDissentient @BarryJWoods about ½ life of #agw claims? UCS & @suzyji have just debunked themselves #
  • Read last sentence …it means "our work perhaps completely clueless" @aDissentient @BarryJWoods #
  • More cartoon-inspiring science @Cartoonsbyjosh #
  • For some reason it looks like there's 33 players in the filed instead of 22. #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Nicer evening in the Ukraine but Hart might rethink all that promenading… #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum MT @BBCRBlack #Rioplus20 – Summit pres in 1992 says Rio+20 is victory of perseverance over inertia #
  • At least Emile Heskey didn't give away central free kicks. #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Scotland Yard Missing Persons squad dispatched to #Euro2012 – no signs as yet of the whereabouts of the #England defence. #
  • Next #England player conceding a free kick in his own half will be given Swedish citizenship. #Euro2012 #
  • Suddenly Eriksson's bizarre teenage world cup choice of so many years ago made some sense… #England #Walcott #Euro2012 #
  • The #England squad ought be sponsored by the Royal College of Cardiologists… #Euro2012 #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-14

  • Try as you might @revkin you still couldn't even update your blog post's text to note McIntyre's email. You're afraid, and that's shameful. #
  • Many examples @revkin of you writing UPDATED in the post's text when there was an update eg Get your act together! #
  • Anche noi abbiamo lavorato in banca @guglielmopicchi . Perché non chiedi all'amico Monti di farci diventare Direttori di qualcosa? #
  • Coraggio! Siamo ancora in tempo per dare a Balotelli un passaporto croato, così sarà finalmente utile all'Italia in #Euro2012 !! #
  • Quattrocentotrentuno SI, settantuno NO. Monti! Monti! Con una maggioranza così potresti passare POSITIVAMENTE alla Storia!!! #
  • Pallonate sulle natiche di un giocatore svedese a #Euro2012 . L'omosessualità latente nel calcio è più che evidente. @LaZanzaraR24 #
  • Follow @mmorabito67 for live microblogging of tonight's #GWPF annual lecture with Dr Fritz #Varenholt #
  • Perhaps Obama is afraid of consequences of Falklands referendum wrt Diego Garcia and the Chagossians @JunkkMale in reply to JunkkMale #
  • Key message from #GWPF lecture by Prof #Varenholt : CAGW-based energy policies are _unsustainable_. Very good for #rio20 #
  • Adesso Monti fa sapere che andrà a #rio20 . Più che tecnico si tratta di un Governo Aviotrasportato. #Italia #
  • Thanks @flimsin for following @mmorabito67 – I use it for live microblogging of events. Shortly ordered text also at #
  • Denmark and Portugal will both play next game without defence. Not that anybody will notice. #Euro2012 #
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Live Microblogging of GWPF 2012 Annual Lecture with Prof Fritz Varenholt

The following are the ordered notes published live on Twitter at @mmorabito67 during the GWPF 2012 Annual Lecture with Prof Fritz Varenholt, at the Royal Society building in London on June 13, 2012:

  • Benny Peiser starts right on time. Around 200 or more in attendance. Full house.
  • Peiser describes the environmental credentials of Varenholt. Reaction to Seveso, early Green.
  • Lecture starts with reference to upcoming #Euro2012 Germany match tonight.
  • Varenholt says he passed from green hero to doubtful scientist. Ironic but expected.
  • Varenholt mentions feeling of suppressed knowledge upon seeing LIA disappeared
  • Lots of dry humor
  • Varenholt talks of own experience with wind power company. Wind index in Germany shown highly correlating with NAO
  • Wind in Spain anticorrelated to NAO. Doubt on IPCC starting there. Then flattened temps since 1998
  • Standard Answer climate is 30y not 14y but then why the stoppage? Shows longer term graphs with temp increases
  • Varenholt mentions increase in CO2 and solar activity. Then #IPCC diagram of sensitivity. Says CO2 influences climate change
  • Varenholt says “solely the degree of influence is disputed”. IPCC had to introduce an “amplifier” for CO2 effect.
  • CO2 and temps shown correlating only between 1977 and 1998. Why not other periods?
  • Hockey Stick used with Gore’s movie in 000’s DVDs free to Germans to show people AGW real.
  • Mentions #Gergis trying to revive a ghost even Mann has renounced to
  • Now for natural cycles on the centennial scale and longer. Steinhilber 2009, Ljunquist 2010 with #MWP and #LIA –
  • Synchronicity between solar activity and temps in North Atlantic in Bond (2001) but Rahmstorf high priest against it
  • Shows 18 papers all over the world all finding what Bond 2001 found eg Kemp 2012
  • Example Liu et al 2011 Tibet with mwp and lia and forecast of no warming to 2200.
  • Chinese papers can also show what the government approves so even more interesting
  • Solar activity correlates with historical events too since 1600. Eg French revolution and scarce food
  • Solar cycle 24 current weak like cycle 5 of french revolution
  • People dismiss solar activity by considering #TSI which changes very little
  • However UV solar activity changes by 70% – no physical explanation how Sun influences climate change though
  • Varenholt explains possible mechanism with solar magnetic field shielding cosmic rays
  • Shows decrease in cosmic rays reaching earth during 20th century then slightly increasing after 2000
  • Mash Svensmark 2003 showing correlation between low-hanging clouds and solar activity
  • 60y cycle in Pacific #PDO warm phase between 1977 and 2006. Says AGW trend is underlining natural cycles
  • Critique of flawed temp graph with shortening timespans
  • Varenholt forecasts 0.5C by 2100 prolonging AGW trend minus natural oscillations
  • Kyoto efforts only 15% of emitters EU + ANZ. All for compensating 8 weeks of Chinese development
  • Speed of transformation in Germany “exaggerated” ie uselessly overambitious
  • Effort on photovoltaic energy maximum now that it’s the most expensive
  • €8B collected from all and given to wealthier people so transfer from poor to rich
  • Wind and solar not on-demand so lower reliability and more need for storage.
  • Germany forced to pay Netherlands to provide electricity to the Dutch. €100M per year.
  • Ethics Commission of bishops and sociologists suggested converting energy into H2 then methane. V. expensive
  • In 2050 Germany needs 230 times more storage capacity – compares to Constance Lake brought up in mountains
  • Problem of additional grid needed. Lots of it.
  • Summary: good news. Sun gives time to change energy system. Catastrophism has been used to justify madness.
  • Sacrificing forests for wind turbines is a very bad thing for nature.
  • Speaks of a climate of fear. Conventional always part of good energy mix alongside renewables
  • Current efforts not SUSTAINABLE. (Key sentence for the night?)
  • Final phrase of “it’s the sun stupid”
  • I asked how to communicate with greenies. Also other q on how to increase number of people “on road to.Damascus”
  • Varenholt mentions building trust. Communication via newspapers where everybody should be involved in discussions.
  • Politicians react to emotions in people.
  • Engineers need be more involved in discussions also political
  • Czech ambassador asks about abandonment of nuclear in Germany. Another q on carbon cost of renewables
  • Nuclear abandoned even if tsunami danger minimal. Political will.
  • Steel carbon recovered in 6 months. Solar 5 times more.
  • Solar not sustainable apart from in a new DDR
  • Don Keeler asks why greens against shale gas. Varenholt says it’s the game changer. Poland will definitely exploit it.
  • 400y of gas between Wales and Bielorussia. Environmentalists pushed moratorium but Varenholt says we’ll need shale gas later.
  • Huge amounts in China too. Gas will level volatility. But too cheap for wind and solar.
  • Carbon tax would kill photovoltaic if all subsidies removed unless very very high.
  • Ends with Lord #Lawson reminding what GWPF is about.
  • Says Varenholt pointed out how.uncertainty means correct policy difficult to identify.
  • Praises Varenholt for being able to.change mind according to.evidence
  • Hopes book will be translated. Says models obviously wrong.

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-12

  • Se Prandelli mette di nuovo Balotelli al posto di Di Natale, sarà bene mettere lui (Prandelli) al posto della Tymoshenko. #Italia #
  • Al TG1 da Roma parlano di Abuja, Nigeria (distanza: 3700km) con il corrispondente da Nairobi, Kenya (distanza da Abuja: 3400km) #
  • Science of #tippingpoints hindered by most of its proponents not having reached (yet?) the tipping point of being intelligent. (Cont) #
  • (Cont) For example describing #tippingpoints as inherently bad or leading to catastrophes makes the "science" a joke. #
  • BBC World News showing French footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs, traveling incognito. Who? Exactly! #
  • Balotelli ha fregato i razzisti, che (come tutti del resto) non si sono accorti che lui fosse in campo. #
  • My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 20 new followers, 19 mentions. Via: #
  • Expect a custom rudeness crisis by the #Olympics with thousands of law-abiding visitors verbally manhandled by untrained officials. #england #
  • I feel like #Spain today. May I have €100,000,000,000 too please? Or one millionth of that. #
  • Adesso @EnricoLetta si dà alla #greeneconomy ( #economiaverde . Con dieci anni di ritardo, e dopo l'eco-disastro di Zapatero. #poveraitalia #
  • Thousands still believing Naomi #Oreskes ' conspiracy theories are proof definitive Genesis 1:27 refers to a faulty scanner. #agw #climate #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-10

  • Alfano: "Berlusconi in campo". Prandelli si prepara al Gran Rifiuto. #
  • Trouble with implemented #geoengineering is that as soon as there's a flood or drought, millions will be able to sue the geoengineers. #
  • Bersani: "patto con i moderati". Risponde l'IdV. Appunto. #
  • Hey @richardabetts your Big Boss has just removed all credibility from your #IPCC work #agw #climate #
  • Whenever you do #IPCC work and especially if unpaid, Pachauri _is_ your boss @richardabetts . Credibility destroyed by the company he keeps. in reply to richardabetts #
  • McKibben eg is a known science denier, links every storm to #CAGW . Do you @richardabetts really believe Pachauri is going to tell him off? in reply to richardabetts #
  • Some believe Irving a historian, others see whom he's always guest of. Same with Pachauri. Enough with rabid catastrophists. @richardabetts in reply to richardabetts #
  • È incredibile come ci sia ancora chi pensi di "ascoltare il cliente" semplicemente facendo domande invece di usare Google. #
  • Se l'Italia batte la Spagna non esulterò, andrò invece in Questura a denunciare chi mi ha drogato con allucinogeni a mia insaputa. #euro2012 #
  • Ma se l'Euro si disintegra prima della fine di #euro2012 daranno una coppa più piccola a ciascuna delle squadre? #
  • Mezza Italia unita nella speranza che Gea diventi Primo Ministro nell'Aprile 2013, a 10 mesi di età. Grillo prepara un post contro i bambini #
  • La Commissione Grandi Rischi come tutti i burocrati del rischio agisce in modo da prevedere il passato con accuratezza 100% @robinit66 in reply to robinit66 #
  • Some people are afraid of immigrants. They better be. Few are more determined and hard-working, having little or no safety net to rely on. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-08

  • How to read a @guardianeco report/article: (1) wait a few days (2) see it debunked (3) read the report/article, laugh at its flawed content. #
  • Se Gesù avesse considerato così importante l'impegno politico dei Cristiani come tali sarebbe diventato un Senatore romano, non un falegname #
  • Torniamo alla lira! Torniamo milionari! #
  • Per collezionisti di numeri di targa in Italia, basta seguire i limiti di velocità, alla lettera #
  • If Jesus had thought important for Christians to be politically active as such, He'd become a Roman Senator rather than a carpenter. #
  • #Sustainability : where the result of 12,000 years of economic evolution is wrecked by those hell-bent on creating a fake "Heaven on Earth". #
  • #rio20 : where the rich and well-fed will determine that the only way to save the planet is for them to remain the only rich and well-fed. #
  • If summits were held on summits and especially in the Himalayan winter they'd be faster, cheaper, and probably even better. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-07

  • How many times have @leohickman @guardianeco @suzyji to be shown credulous before they wake up to the problem? #
  • An overlooked problem in comparing the Unabomber to CAGWers is that it's offensive to _his_ intelligence. @HeartlandInst #
  • According to TV dramas, a large part of the ancient Roman population and especially nobles were of Anglo-Saxon origin. #
  • L'ordinariato universitario è tradizionalmente riservato ad "amanti di" e "figli di". Adesso ne abbiamo fatto Ministri. #poveraitalia #
  • Contrary to common opinion the #EU has been designed as an ineffective bureaucratic talkfest with corruption replacing wholesale slaughter. #
  • Am not alone! #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-06

  • Ocean #acidification is an empty claim, like saying paying off $1,000 out of a $1,000,000 debt put one in credit. #agw #
  • Most polls are so badly designed, prejudiced and skewed in their questions, they literally _illicit_ their responses. #
  • On past performance I do hope @metoffice forecasts a damp and cold summer this year in the UK! (So we'll get a warm and nice one…) #
  • #southeastern TV reality show cancelled. Nobody knew when it would actually start, how long it'd take to finish, where it'd end up, etc etc. #
  • Guys @MarsCuriosity @NASAJPL how many marketing experts did you hire to come up with that silly astronaut bird!!! #
  • If the phenomenon only shows up after heavy data manipulation, there is a high chance manipulation of the data is the only phenomenon. #agw #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-06

  • Ocean #acidification is an empty claim, like saying paying off $1,000 out of a $1,000,000 debt put one in credit. #agw #
  • Most polls are so badly designed, prejudiced and skewed in their questions, they literally _illicit_ their responses. #
  • On past performance I do hope @metoffice forecasts a damp and cold summer this year in the UK! (So we'll get a warm and nice one…) #
  • #southeastern TV reality show cancelled. Nobody knew when it would actually start, how long it'd take to finish, where it'd end up, etc etc. #
  • Guys @MarsCuriosity @NASAJPL how many marketing experts did you hire to come up with that silly astronaut bird!!! #
  • If the phenomenon only shows up after heavy data manipulation, there is a high chance manipulation of the data is the only phenomenon. #agw #

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  • My week on twitter: 40 retweets received, 1 new listings, 27 new followers, 74 mentions. Via: #
  • A great deal of human suffering is caused by people who try to control the world in order to make it better. #
  • Tanta sofferenza umana è causata da chi cerca di controllare il mondo allo scopo di migliorarlo. #
  • Pessimists are always right, but only an optimist can change the world (T. Friedman) @mariacastelli2 @marcosalvati in reply to mariacastelli2 #
  • Whoever's happy about any #BBC coverage, deserves it. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-04

  • The first sign of a #GishGallop is in accusing others of doing a #GishGallop #
  • Visiting the American Cemetery in Épinal, France is an overwhelming experience. #frankmorabito #anthonymorabito #melvinorstad #nobleflynn #
  • L'errore di @chicago_blog è non considerare lo Stato Ladro come immagine e somiglianza dei suoi cittadini. #Italia #
  • Radical far-left/right groups should be encouraged to worry about pointless issues, in order to keep them busy & away from arming themselves #
  • L'indignazione ispirata da dibattiti televisivi è l'oppio d'Italia. #
  • Why would the #Android calendar span Jan 1902 to Dec 2036? #
  • If #Bilderberg are in charge of the world…man what a lousy job they've been doing! #
  • Anybody in awe of Scientific Consensus should read about the consensus among Italian scientists in favor of antisemitic laws in 1938. #agw #
  • Paradossalmente l'imperante raccomandazione significa gli Italiani gestiscono se stessi per quello che sono invece che per quello che sanno #