Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-29

  • Still no coverage on @BBCr4today of the people in #Syria who support Assad because they fear much more from the "opposition". #
  • My week on twitter: 75 retweets received, 3 new listings, 33 new followers, 109 mentions. Via: #
  • 'Unflattering image on YouTube' accusation by MA against @aDissentient sounds positively ga-ga. Please somebody rescue him @richardabetts #
  • La UEFA sta valutando l'opportunità se far giocare l'Italia ai prossimi europei con la palla (di ferro) al piede. #
  • Attento ai monaci albini!! RT @vfeltri: Questa sera sarò a Matrix. Tema: i corvi in Vaticano #
  • Impression from an unflattering YouTube still: the eyes are closed, the mouth is open, and Mr Brain has long since departed, hasn't he… #
  • London forecast for #venustransit on 6/6: rain. Of course. #
  • RT @clim8resistance: What is really driving the anti-GM protests. @keithkloor @TomChivers #
  • Planet isn't dying. Nature isn't fragile. Children are both. Greenies lives are wasted for nothing but a cultural fad. #
  • A cleaner environment is good. A cleaner environment regardless of human suffering is a monstrosity. #
  • 100 years ago nature had "teeth and claws". Today it's "fragile". Obviously those are purely human constructs. @nomismurnane in reply to nomismurnane #
  • Silvio è stato molto saggio. Se guardando la Polanco vedeva la Boccassini, durante le udienze più tediose guardando la Boccassini avrebbe… #

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