Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-28

  • The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it APPEARS to be AT LEAST PARTLY comprehensible 🙂 @AstroLooney in reply to AstroLooney #
  • MT @SusanDirgham: It should horrify all: truth re #Syria for so many is determined by cliches&slogans #
  • Who's this Myles Allen anyway? Uninformed "climate communicators" can only make a fool of themselves. @richardabetts @aDissentient #
  • Don't worry about the nice British weather, it's just loading up for the cold wind and rain for the 4-day weekend in a week's time @srhtdd in reply to srhtdd #
  • Scripta (et electronica acta eg telephonica verba) manent. @CarloStagnaro @PierluigiBattis in reply to CarloStagnaro #
  • Most scientists are aware that their colleagues of years ago were mistaken. Many illogically believe to be immune of the problem. #
  • Y #
  • Monthly averages physically meaningless -"months" are human constructs + just a few days can change avg @ed_hawkins @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn in reply to icey_mark #
  • Senza saperlo @Talitatu hai espresso la domanda fondamentale della teologia egizia – @gcaradonna in reply to gcaradonna #
  • Forecasters like human beings are naturally short-sighted. Challenge is figuring how much. @ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn in reply to ed_hawkins #
  • The longer biased reporting about #Syria carnage left unchecked, the more vengeance grows to unstoppable vicious cycle. @camanpour #
  • Libya reports from last year almost copied verbatim to #Syria reports for this year. This is no serious reporting. @camanpour in reply to camanpour #
  • La riforma Basaglia è stata un malinteso. Non sono stati chiusi i manicomi ma allargati a coprire 300mila kmq, isole comprese. #
  • Krugman gone insane, or seriously failing at policymaking #
  • Cosa avete fatto oggi per #formattiamoilpdl 1 giorno vuoto=3 giorni perduti. @alesindaco @FedericadB @andreadisorte #pdllondra #
  • In politica difficile fermarsi in corsa o partire da fermi. Lavorate, lavoriamo! @andreadisorte @FedericadB @alesindaco #formattiamoilpdl #
  • 100% del territorio italiano già raggiungibile in banda larga se incentiviamo uso satelliti @andreadegioanni @ildona26 @FedericadB in reply to andreadegioanni #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" is the honesty litmus test for climate change believers. To deny it _completely is just _not_ honest. (cont) #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" lasted 3 years, had no IPCC behind it. But to deny it _completely_, that's a different (and dishonest) story. #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" lasted much longer in the press. Yet it was _not_ just a press invention. #
  • Global cooling in the 1970s: @wmconnolley writes it was "widely accepted" then goes bonkers to deny that simple truth, #
  • Scegliere #bastaEuro è come farsi trapiantare i reni di un donatore novantenne dopo aver subito una grave emorragia. Follia fatta e finita. #
  • Now we know Warhol was a disguised #MiB what about John Lennon? #
  • Al @corriereit si accorgono adesso del "coinquilino" di #Formigoni Dopo anni di fallimento nel reportage, è il momento dello sciacallaggio. #

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