Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-26

  • Looks line loony @ChrisMooney_ had it completely wrong: some scientists' war on Republicans is taking place #
  • Public figures who block people on Twitter are like those playground bullies too idiotic to understand the meaning of "sharing". #
  • (Cont) it's rather like those silly weather forecasts where clouds and rain magically stop at the NI/Eire border. #
  • Debasing propaganda on @BBCr4today as "History of UK and NI" programme is launched same day as #SNP Scotland indipendence referendum. (Cont) #
  • (Cont) there's a history of UK and a history of Ireland but no serious historian would speak of a history of "UK and NI". @BBCr4today (cont) #
  • Saving the world by treating US Republicans as simpletons is like going to war after eliminating half of the Army. #stalinism #agw #
  • I wonder if Met Office and @richardabetts came out as #climate skeptics, would activists try to shut down their supercomputers … in reply to richardabetts #
  • Ma perché @matteorenzi non vai da @andreadisorte domani? #fuoridaglischemi #evoluzione #formattiamoilpdl #politicanonfedereligiosa #
  • In #Italia troppa religione in #politica Capi Partito ognuno un Papa, in carica vita natural durante. Appartenenza=fede non frutto ragione. #
  • Q should be: what have @BBCr4today @TomFeilden contributed to #Enlightenment ? A: not much. Propaganda, infotainment, dumbing down, etc etc in reply to BBCr4today #
  • Animals, plants reported adapting to global #climate change even where local climate hasn't changed. Maybe they read the news? #agw #
  • Public safety committees inherently unsafe, borderline murderous. Should be disbanded as soon as reasonable pre-agreed safety level reached. #
  • Good (effective, democratic) public health efforts deal each with single specific issue. Everything else loses focus, pushes toward fascism. #
  • Troppi Gott-i Tedeschi in Vaticano? Benedetto Padre cosa ne facciamo di Mt: 6,24 ??? #vaticano #
  • RT @SpaceX @nasakennedy: Here's the video from the capture of the @SpaceX Dragon by the robotic arm on ISS. #
  • Lots of mentions of sleep deprivation at @SpaceX – hey @elonmusk, time to hire many more people, uh? #
  • Still plenty of time to push the #ISS to L4 or L5 in the Earth-Moon system rather than crashing it on Earth.@SpaceX @elonmusk #
  • Greenpeace 270M$/y but @leohickman is all excited about @HeartlandInst $6M. Another victory for Joe Bast. >> @BarryJWoods #

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