Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-25

  • Democracy: where the misled elect the uninformed so that the selfish are protected from the disadvantaged. #
  • Democracy is like finding a Dr Pepper can in the middle of the desert. No matter how awful the taste, there isn't anything better is there. #
  • The one circumstance under which Dictatorship is better than democracy, is when I am the Dictator. #
  • Oligarchies, like most non-universal systems, tend to exhaust themselves eventually, victims of laziness, debauchery and spoiled children. #
  • One good purpose of @HeartlandInst in UK @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods : make @suzyji + @leohickman look foolish. Skeptic lightning rod not hub. in reply to sjhopkinson #
  • Belief skeptics organised / influenced by any 'hub' is idiotic-silly-paranoid @BarryJWoods @HeartlandInst @sjhopkinson @suzyji @leohickman in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • To say @HeartlandInst is skeptic hub like to say Coca Cola makes people thirsty. @leohickman @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @suzyji in reply to leohickman #
  • I presume Grauniad snob fashionistas do believe Coca Cola make people thirsty… @BarryJWoods @leohickman @suzyji @sjhopkinson in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • "Evidence" can't be about "future" @icey_mark @BarryJWoods @richardabetts @nmrqip @RealArthurDent @geneticmaize in reply to icey_mark #
  • We can't live without trying to see the future. But it's our duty to understand how short-sighted we are in that respect. #
  • Merkel against #euro bonding? Someone explain her she'll still be the dominatrix. #
  • Your obsession with "hoaxers" betrays your unwillingness to see anything actually done about the environment @ClimateActio2n in reply to ClimateActio2n #
  • I ministri del governo Monti saranno forse bravi nelle loro cose, ma sicuramente eccellono nel non darne l'impressione a nessuno. #Italia #
  • Senno di poi: il disastro economico #Italia di tutto aveva bisogno tranne che di chi ha fatto carriera in Italia come specialista economico. #
  • Affidare l'Italia a dei professori ordinari il più grosso errore di Napolitano dal 1956 e forse anche prima. #
  • #Pizzarotti stia attento, con quel cognome #Grillo lo può sfottere per una settimana senza mai ripetersi @gloquenzi in reply to gloquenzi #
  • RT @simonespetia: Ma che fa, professore, legge? #
  • In a few years Germany will pay the consequences of the current easy-money period. Many countries will make sure it pays dearly. #euro #

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