Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-23

  • Hard to imagine today as the warmest in May. Harder still to believe every weather forecast very wrong with a few hours to go. #London #
  • Yearly @HeartlandInst conferences neither irrelevant nor pivotal. La-la-land dwelling #CAGW #039;ers the world over literally transfixed by them. #
  • This year's @HeartlandInst conf is very widely covered. @guardianeco just can't resist the titillation of indignation. Good to know. #agw #
  • Tantissimi non riescono a resistere alla tentazione una volta trovata qualcosa su cui indignarsi. Buono a sapersi: tipi molto manipolabili. #
  • Chicken Itsa? CHICKEN Itsa? Affamato al mattino presto uh? @alinomilan #
  • Some people hate oil and coal so much, they don't mind becoming mindless pawns of the nuclear and renewable industries. (Cont) #agw #
  • (Cont) Either that, or a devilish gamble, hoping nuclear and renewables will fail so we can all become poor and environment-friendly. #agw #
  • Every green policy has resulted in larger energy bills and more money for the state (tax) and the energy companies @clim8resistance #agw in reply to clim8resistance #
  • Greenies are in practice wide-eyed stooges of Big Energy, accomplices in worsening the conditions of the poor @clim8resistance #agw in reply to clim8resistance #
  • Eg: boycott of Keystone XL and disruption of coal exports from USA are simply making the poor of India and China poorer @clim8resistance in reply to clim8resistance #
  • Green policy: the marriage made in hell between elitist anti-humanist lefties and rent-seeking capital-hoarding monopolists. #agw #
  • Monti: 'stop ai pagamenti fiscali nelle zone del #terremoto #039;. Chissà quanti sismografi saranno manomessi stanotte in tutta Italia. #
  • Se vero che non ha messo la bomba a #Brindisi , la "sacra corona unita" è allora incapace di controllare il territorio. Mafiosi di serie B. #
  • #apaq in Yemen preoccupazione locale – tribù troppo indipendenti e litigiose per dedicarsi all'export @gloquenzi in reply to gloquenzi #
  • Ultramarathoner Micah True dead after a run. Heart problems of course. #
  • Monti fischiato dai terremotati. Equitalia subito al lavoro. #
  • You don't say! RT @SW_Trains: Trains coming into Waterloo are waiting for platforms to be cleared by out going trains before they come in. #
  • If the future makes sense it means there's something missing in your imagination @drgrist #
  • Imagine explaining an iPad to somebody from the Victorian age? @drgrist #

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