Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-14

  • Big Conspiracies like alien UFOs: there's probably some out there but anybody believing to recognize one is very likely clinically insane. #
  • Il problema non è la teoria, ma la pratica RT @AlemannoTW: Sono alla #marcia per la vita al #Colosseo Incredibile successo di popolo. #
  • Mandatory #waterpolo in all schools would create muscular, lean nations. The UK attitude to it is truly bewildering. #
  • I wouldn't be surprised if other "threatened #climate scientists" turn out to having sent fake threats to themselves. #
  • For reasons all too obvious, the #PremierLeague winners will be known from now on as "Man Cini". #
  • The Royal Society of Cardiologists congratulates @MCFC 's season finale for the inevitable increase in its members' earnings. #
  • Nuova battuta su #Schettino da @thisistrue #

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