Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-13

  • Hey @BBCr4today you've missed some important news (again!) #
  • Tax increases for the very rich inevitably result in wealthier lawyers and accountants, whilst public coffers get the same or even less. #
  • 40 years from now, people who are predicting catastrophe within 40 years will predict catastrophe for 40 years hence. And so on and so forth #
  • A despicable group of Australian climate scientists have been pretending for months to be victims of death threats. #
  • Many are threatened every day esp. women and journalists. To falsely claim being a victim of the same is a truly repugnant act. #
  • This is either "mad", or "ad" RT @GreenBizWorld: The world is running out of water — now what? #

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