Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-03

  • Now @MichaelEMann says CO2 should make atmosphere heavier. Anybody tried to measure that? @aDissentient @richardabetts @wattsupwiththat #agw #
  • The entire 0.7C increase in global temp since 1850 could be explained by the tropopause being just 72 meters higher. #agw #climate #
  • Liberalizzazioni farmaci fascia C "un topolino". E voi tutti contenti per Bondi? Illusioni, non finiscono mai @guglielmopicchi @santalmassi #
  • Wettest April on record? Records started 100 years ago. Planet, 4½ billions. #totalperspectivevortex #uk #
  • Climate change is like an Alpine bakery, full of nuts and fruitcakes @BarryJWoods @progressive_va @KHayhoe @skepticscience in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • RT @a_rodighiero: Cioè… stasera potremmo essere Campioni d' Italia? Sto male… =) #Juve #
  • MT @BBCAmos: So, we sit and wait for white smoke to emerge from Esa's SPC. Esa to decide on Juice mission to Jupiter #
  • Sarà bene smetterla di incolpare gli altri!! MT @renatobrunetta: Il problema non siamo noi, il problema è Monti. #
  • L'interesse di Monti è "far bella figura con la Germania". Non "fare gli interessi degli Italiani". #malatemporacurrunt #
  • Monti: "Segnalate gli sprechi". E come no? Dracula: "Segnalate i vampiri". Messina Denaro: "Segnalate la mafia". Stiamo freschi. #
  • One would've thought Obama had learnt a thing or two about "Mission Accomplished" moments… #
  • Se Bondi cerca di tagliare 100 ne taglieremo 20. 20, 4. 4, ZERO. @guglielmopicchi in reply to guglielmopicchi #
  • How much CO2 has been emitted so that #climate change-concerned POTUS could make a primetime TV speech to USA from Afghanistan? @drgrist #
  • Earth mean radius in km? Engineer: 6,300±100. Physicist: 6,371. #Climate change activist scientist: 6,370.75325488731843 (average of models) #
  • MT @RogerPielkeJr: Still awaiting example of precedent in the MSM for NYT attack on member of the NAS #
  • Billions and billions of seeds have been waiting millions of years under kilometers of ice at the South Pole. Love nature, melt Antarctica! #
  • There must be going on a conspiracy of conspiracy theorists to fill all communication channels with their inane hypotheses … #
  • People spealing about global takeovers by the UN, Big Oil, Big Food, the Illuminati etc will be replied with "You're a mindless idiot". #agw #
  • My guess is @Avaaz will disappear as soon as people will tire of hyperboles and assorted exaggerations. #
  • Inutile e assurdo lamentarsi da un lato di chi si affida a Grillo, per poi affidarsi in toto dall'altro a Monti. #italia #

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