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Dr Robert Wilson is not listening

(a comment of mine published at Bishop Hill)

Dr Wilson is not listening. All, please do save yourselves the trouble of trying to explain to him anything…he will still not listen.

The fact that this obviously leaves him a total ignoramus of anything that is discussed on this website, is apparently not a concern for him. Why? Because he is not listening.

He won’t even notice what kind of sorry figure he’s cut of himself now, despite having started from the enviable position of having actually sat through a presentation by the Bish.

Anyway, I am not feeling sorry for him, as I actually envy the people who don’t understand…they’ll always be the ones beaming about, happy and content.

Inability to listen is of course a trait of Climate Change Believers. What a coincidence.

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In fact, that’s why I quoted the Bish when he explained what “the question” is.

As for future developments, the Doomers will always be with us, the Ehrlichs will always get the prizes, and the world will keep turning without anybody else caring about them. But I expect the RS to fall further before being re-invented when this or next President will make a faux-pas too many.

I tend to agree with your comments at BishopHill about Dr Wilson not listening. On the other hand, I have the greatest admiration for His Grace and his saint-like patience. His blog is the only one in Britain to have got a toehold in the wider world, and he’s desperate to keep the likes of Betts and Wilson on board. Because he sees it’s a political problem and only a political solution will do. And that means dealing with people the way they are.
And think of Wilson’s position. Landing at BH, he must have felt like Protesilaus, the first Greek off the boat at Troy – doomed, but someone’s got to do it.
This is the kind of thing that could split the sceptic “movement” between the “reasonable” and the “fundamentalists”. I’m sure you’d have the majority on your side. How do you feel about playing Robespierre?
(just joking; I’ve just read il Principe and I’m working up courage to tackle i Discorsi sopra Tito Livio. More fun than the Royal Society).

As I commented later on, I think Wilson just likes to put people in predefined boxes, and simply talks to those he defines as Royalty. Noblesse oblige more than Iliad… 8-P

Agreed again. But the point is not arrive at a correct definition of his motives, but to decide how to react. He offered to debate in some neutral setting. He’s still under an illusion about the nature of the debate; he thinks his models are the “right science” and that we have some alternative theory which is the “wrong scence”. As if it were a match between Mann fans and Lindzen or Svensmark fans. Like many climate scientists, (plus the entire Royal Society) he seems entirely ignorant of basic philosophy of science. They’re so sure of their intellectual superiority in their chosen specialisations that they won’t stoop to discussing common ideas like “proof” and “evidence” with us common mortals.
He won’t listen on a blog thread, that’s for sure. The Bishop and others are trying, I think, to maonoevre him or Betts into a setting where they will have to listen. A debate seems to me to be an excellent idea. As usual at BH, the ideas tend to get lost in the general shouting.
What’s your idea as to how this will develop? Climate scientists are not all going to quietly go away. Ehrlich’s fellowship of the RS is the sign of how impervious they are to common sense.

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