Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-26

  • Were non-Murdoch journos really clueless about what was happening? Are they trying to present themselves as professional failures? (Cont) #
  • (Cont) isn't it much more likely that NotW-style practices have been widespread among the newsmedia industry in the UK? #
  • Hosepipe ban continues in Kent. Anybody found watering the garden (in this weather) will be confined (in a mental hospital). #
  • I have a strong feeling @Misco_UK won't publish my 'review' and its reference to their post-sales rules written as if by a paranoid lawyer. #
  • Environmentalism = the movement where people with rich wallets or salaries meet in faraway places to complain everybody else is corrupt. #
  • Climate activist: any alarmist not alarmed enough to concentrate on doing things rather than conduct inquisition-like hunts for 'deniers'. #
  • Un precedente con il Governo di un Presidente oltre l'ottantina + decreti a iosa in uno Stato in crisi? La Germania del 1932-1934. #25aprile #
  • Urban geology in NYC #
  • Champions allegorica. La Spagna manca il rigore. L'Italia in finale grazie agli emigrati. L'Inghilterra, agli immigrati. Germania sempre lì. #
  • Symbolic Champions League. Emigrants only Italians in final. Mostly immigrants for England. Spain a double failure, Germany always there. #
  • Il problema di @gianfranco_fini è che è il Terzo Polo del Terzo Polo. Fatti i conti, il Nono Polo. #
  • Patto Roma-Berlino mentre Parigi è forzatamente ferma e impotente. Proprio una Faccia d'Angela. #
  • Farage and the #UKIP can't help sounding raging xenophobes. #fail #

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