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Mooney’s Folly (in two steps)

Just read the “Conclusions” of Mooney’s book on Amazon. He has obviously gone way out of his competency and freely speaks of things he can’t possibly understand. As far as I am concerned, anybody who believes it possible to measure Liberals and Conservatives has an infantilistic view of “measure” and of “politics”.

Think about it…there are decades of studies about the meaning of “political spectrum” and everybody agrees even the usage of two axes isn’t really good enough. There comes Mooney though, and we’re back to a single axis, left and right, and we should throw all that previous work away? Unlikely.

The pages about “conservatism and the amygdala” will surely be read in the future, in comedy sketches though, like we read today about the scientist who couldn’t believe the flight abilities of the bumblebee.

Anyway, the icing on the cake is the fact that the Conclusions aren’t that idiotic really, and Mooney says he now admires “conservatives”, and goes as far as to recommend “conservatives” and “liberals” “need be operating together“. Well, Brainy Boy, that’s not achieved really by calling your book “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science–and Reality“, is it??

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Is anyone taking Mooney seriously anymore? He was already blown off and criticized by people on his side of the debate for this current gish gallop. It seems that he can only find an audience in non-scientific extremists looking to reinforce their tribalism. Blogging at De Smog seems like the perfect place for Chris.

My proposal for a political model is a dipyramidal hexahedron of three main colours—red, blue and green—on the sides—with lighter hues or darker shades gradating towards the white and black apices.
Thus, the darkest red of Stalism is indistinguishable from the dark green of Islamism or the dark blue of Nazism.

It’s a good idea. Only thing I would gradually make the colors darker ending up with a dark band all around the circle.

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