Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-25

  • Hey @Revkin if you really believe people disagree on science because they're corrupt or mentally retarded you should say so #
  • Climate change must be the first issue crushed by its own bandwagon. RIO+20 next. The UN redistribution schemes are broken. #
  • RT @CMRecruit: Know anyone for this job? Murex MXML / API Consultant – Developer in London, United Kingdom #job #
  • La squadra di #calcio è come una fidanzata. Molti idioti purtroppo ritengono normale picchiare la fidanzata. E la polizia guarda. #genoa #
  • Completely clueless about the #climate debate, @bengoldacre is an unwitting agent of the silliest close-minded anti-science. Congrats Ben. #
  • L'Earth Day (quando slavato di ambientalismo) è un pessimo affare per la Terra: #
  • Arriva il "ponte del primo maggio". Monti pronto a tassare i ponti, maggio, e l'uso del numero '1'. #Italia #
  • Energy policy like human spaceflight. New "leaders" always push the short-termly fashionable, new projects always fail, nothing ever changes #
  • Some science writers and journalists attack astrology and homeopathy because they're the only fields whose proponents are even more stupid. #
  • YES!! RT @carolynporco [new Saturn orbiter]… eventually orbit and land on #Enceladus #space #
  • Uncharacteristically (quasi) level-headed #climatechange commentary by @drgrist come on David…you almost "got it"! #
  • RT @ansa_topnews: Procura Roma aprira' tomba De Pedis: Entro fine maggio salma dovrebbe essere traslata a Prima Porta #
  • RT @AlexBrundle: Thinking maybe the government should announce a flood warning so it stops raining. #hosepipeban #