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L’Autorità Scientifica Nel Manifesto Della Razza

E poi uno si chiede perché affidarsi all’Autorità Scientifica sia una decisione straordinariamente stupida.

Da “Le leggi razziali in Italia e il Vaticano” di Giovanni Sale, Jaca Book 2009 (p72)

[…] Intanto il 25 luglio un comunicato del Partito Nazionale Fascista, per far tacere alcuni sospetti sollevati negli ambienti internazionali (e non soltanto) sullla autorità scientifica degli estensori del Manifesto, rendeva noti i nomi di coloro che lo avevano redatto e du quelli che vi avevano aderito, e dichiarava che esso era stato preparato sotto l’egida del ministero della Cultura Popolare (42). […]

(42) I fimatari più noti del Manifesto della razza erano due medici (S. Visco e N. Pende), un antropologo (L. Cipriani), uno zoologo (E. Zavattari), uno statistico (F. Savorgnan) e uno psichiatra (A. Donaggio); gli altri erano oscuri assistenti universitari […]


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-22


Earth Day! Our Day! A day to celebrate

This Sunday marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. Once again, we can expect an all-out assault covering all communication channels, a barrage of all the most stale ideas concocted by the most backward-looking eco-obsession. The future is going to be painted bleak picture by a never-ending swarm of whiners, and the only hope offered some kind of “green repentance”, including the return to a pre-Neandertalian lifestyle.

And that is a shame. Because this Earth of ours is a truly beautiful planet, full of wonders, rich grasslands and forests, amazing canyons and sunsets, fantastic oceans and mountainous landscapes and creatures of all shapes and sizes.

We should all celebrate. We should celebrate the much progress achieved since 1970AD, the improving of quality of our air and water, the return from the edge of extinction of a large number of species. Indeed, these are the days of resurgence for the short-tailed Albatross in the islands of Hawai’i. And the days when we find out that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, often a source of endless alarms, has told he world that it currently impossible to determine if the climate has really become more extreme.

Instead, we will be bombarded by ads and news and ads masquerading as news, all nourishing a nihilistic environmentalism always ready to torments us, interested not so much in the enjoyment of the beauty of nature and its wondered, rather in fighting humanity, its prosperity and its abundance.

And yet those are exactly the basis of the nature of humanity, and of its ability to adapt, thrive and innovate, to be able to improve its life and the rest of nature’s, to get rid of the ravages of centuries past.

Enough with the environmentalism that tortures science and common sense to manufacture fear. Enough with the old, depression-inducing alarmism.

Remember, we are also the Earth and the Earth is also us too. There is no “choice” to be made between us and the Earth. This planet rhetorically describes as “fragile” is instead home to tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and strong winds and ocean currents. It is also home to us, Humanity, children of the same Earth as every other form of life. Therefore we are Forces of Nature too, incrediably adaptable to, and able to cope with and surviving, the rest of the planet.

April 22 is Earth Day. It is also Our Day. A day to celebrate.