Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-17

  • If marriage were that important to society it'd be much more regulated than it is now. #
  • I've seen a #FataMorgana mirage once by the Strait of Messina, enlarging faraway views in a most uncanny way @apod #
  • Eco Narcissists & Their Last Chances via @wordpressdotcom #
  • if you believe you’re here by chance, then Chance is your divinity, because Chance is your creator. It's a truism. #
  • Guys, find a job in the software industry @wilsonrobertj @SMEasterbrook and tell them about "irrelevant code defects" >> @aDissentient #
  • Tax system heterogeneous with many ways of moving money @wilsonrobertj @SMEasterbrook so sloppy returns are ok? What a joke. @aDissentient #
  • English language heterogeneous with many ways of moving words @wilsonrobertj @SMEasterbrook there fore wee kan writ freeley @aDissentient #
  • A whole week of rain is expected. Must be the wettest drought in history. Again. #uk #
  • One day we'll go back to the science and give seasonal/yearly data the climate importance they deserve (little) @richardabetts @Barrowice in reply to richardabetts #
  • As long as "warmest ever" is news, warming isn't the norm. Think "man bites dog" @Wakepedia @richardabetts @Barrowice in reply to Wakepedia #