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Waleed Abdalati…Who he?

I’m the kind of space nerd who can make a podcast about where to build a Moon base, write to National Geographic when one of their reporters makes up the astronomical part of her story and complain to a show‘s organizers when a picture of the Orion Nebula is hanged upside down. I’ve been a member of the Planetary Society since 1991, and of the British Interplanetary Society since 1985.

Still, I had never heard until yesterday of NASA Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati.

Little wonder though, as I’m more of a deep-space buff who doesn’t get excited about Earth-observing satellites, for example those measuring ice stuff, Dr Abdalati’s specialty.

So who’s the guy who replied to a letter asking NASA to stay away from “unbridled advocacy” on climate change, by stating “NASA sponsors research into many areas of cutting-edge scientific inquiry” (a response “not all that relevant” to the original request, as noted by Judith Curry)? And more importantly, what are or have been his views on climate change?

In conclusion, seldom in the past or maybe never has Dr Abdalati (whose contribution to the founding of advocacy center CIRES isn’t immediately clear) been far from alarmist positions, even if he is not known as a major voice of doom and gloom. And that Slide 17 above might provide some hope (as long as the guy wakes up about GISS, that is).

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A man with a planet knows exactly where North is. A man with two planets is not so sure.

The first thing you do when you encounter beings from another planet is to agree on which way up North is. Granted this may not be easy, especially if the planet is orbiting another star. Disputes may lead to confrontation, and even war. Which may explain why we are alone in the universe.
Isn’t this obsession with where the North is an Italian thing, due to the current problems with la Lega?

Has anyone asked the inhabitants of the Orion Nebula which way up is their North?

“…a picture of the Orion Nebula is hanged upside down”

The universe has an ‘up’? Someone should post a sign ‘This way up’.

Ahr ahr Malcolm…good one!

But as a matter of fact there is a conventional North, and people seldom look in telescopes whilst standing on their hands.

But the telescope’s view is inverted, saving one
the trouble of standing on their head. 😉

Nerds of the world unite!

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