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THIS IS The #Climate Question

Everything else, is a corollary….

From Bishop Hill’s “Nobel laureate on temperatures” (Feb 2012):

The question is not whether temperatures have risen or whether mankind has affected the climate. Temperatures have always risen and fallen and mankind has always affected the climate. The question is whether we have a problem on our hands. The poor performance of the climate models suggests that the problem is much less than we have been led to believe.

One reply on “THIS IS The #Climate Question”

The claim that humans affect climate is tenuous and perhaps even a leap of faith. Humans can affect weather by agriculture/deforestation etc but whether this can be called climate change, due to its small affected area compared to that of regional climate change is debatable. In fact Prof. Richard Lindzen has stated- ‘I think that humans affect climate but in over 40 years of research I have failed to find the signal’. Kind of says it all.

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