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Lights Off Upstairs At Skeptical Science

That’s the only explanation for SkS to tweet about “Doonesbury cartoon on climate deniers“.

Here’s the strip:

Obviously, John Cook and friends are completely unaware of a few things about their own site:

  • It’s built to reach out to climate newbies
  • It’s where believers in (catastrophic) anthropogenic climate change go in desperate search of “evidence” to “support their position”
  • It’s the one site sporting the belief “everyone is entitled” to read a single set of “facts” as determined by John Cook and friends
  • It sports thousands of “facts”

It all looks like a heroic case of irony failure. Unless Doonesbury is so clever as to subtly indicate where the denial of science actually is…at Skeptical Science, of course.

9 replies on “Lights Off Upstairs At Skeptical Science”

diogenes :
are you waiting for Dana to leave some “fact”-filled response?

It would probably be deleted. Weren’t you aware? This is the no-fact zone as is evidenced by Maurizio’s work.

It sports thousands of “facts”

Oh, you mean the peer-reviewed papers? The actual data? I can see why you might find that disturbing…

Perfect title. They are in the dark when it comes to their own propaganda efforts.

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