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Shermer Explains The Popularity Of Alarmist Climate Scientists

From People Like to be Fooled – interview by Peter Moon – translation by Michael Silva – just out in eSkeptic:

ÉPOCA: Why do people insist on believing that those allegations are true?

Shermer: Because mediums say they are true. All mediums, witchdoctors and saints have to say is that they have visions and can predict the future so that people will believe them. It’s part of human nature. We didn’t evolve to doubt or question. Developing a critical mind and having your own view of the world takes education, reflection and time. Having faith is much easier. People prefer to be deceived.

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Unfortunately it seems that most ‘official’ skeptic organisations have morphed into defenders of ‘consensus’ rather than defenders of the scientific method itself. If ‘official’ science says it’s so, then that’s what these ‘skeptics’ will parrot. They’ll hate the comparison, but they increasingly come across like christians who’ll go with whatever the church says, even if it is patently unchristian…

I’m sure there is a TED Talk video of Shermer declaring his belief in CAGW.

Ahhh, yes, my old hero Michael. First for his bicycle racing across America–the coolest thing any human being can do. Then for his unerring support of reason and skepticism with the Skeptical Society.

Which is what makes me cry every time I recall him drinking the CAGW Kool-Aide a few years back.

The quote above does so much to explain how difficult it is to sustain a rational point of view. It’s in our very nature to follow Jim Hansen and friends to the brink.

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