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NOTE TO ALL READERS: About Climate Or Anything Else, Don't Let Up On The Bully


If you see strange trackbacks on websites from “Ocasapiens” in Italian after I post a comment, there is this feckless Italian journalist whose main activity appears to be following me on Google in order to post abysmal bullying attempts at her blog.

I would feel proud of being an inspiration of anything, however if a blog is measured by the quality of its content, a blog where I am the content can’t be that good.

2 replies on “NOTE TO ALL READERS: About Climate Or Anything Else, Don't Let Up On The Bully”

Getting your own blog about you… that is a bit creepy.

I am not alone, but as one who a few (and I mean very few) obsessives feel obliged to track and counter on BBC blog threads, I know how disconcerting it can be.

Especially when one beavers away and locates you back as far as your website (when there is no obvious link to your posting persona) to tell you they know where you live.

Free speech and counter views seem to trouble some to a worrying degree. And they know that any committed to such principles can do near zero about it.

I have found the best solution is to be polite and maintain a sense of humour whilst giving not an inch. It seems to infuriate them and win over more.

And when the post in support, knowing you are not alone, and your stance supported (even appreciated), can help a lot.

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