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When A Miracle Had Just Happened

There are 47 instance of “miracle” in Climategate 2.0. One of them, from Andre Bijkerk, “miracle cures”.

The other 46 are all identical:

“The Miracle Workers” by Jack Vance

They all belong to the signature of single person, a Dr Rob Wilson of Endinburgh University:

Dr. Rob Wilson
Lecturer in Physical Geography
School of Geography & Geosciences
University of St Andrews
St Andrews. FIFE[…]

“…..I have wondered about trees.

They are sensitive to light, to moisture, to wind, to pressure.
Sensitivity implies sensation. Might a man feel into the soul of a tree
for these sensations? If a tree were capable of awareness, this faculty
might prove useful. ”

“The Miracle Workers” by Jack Vance

Note how apt the poem for anybody working in dendrochronology.

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I started browsing through the list of Rob’s “miracle” mails. Every one has a gem quote. This is from #0418

“… areas where I think dendroclimatologists should focus:
1. We need to specifically move on from the concept that “15 trees are enough”. If at all possible we should try and encourage people to sample as much as possible and not be afraid to try and go for more than 50 series/trees per year. […]
Hakan Grudd’s recent update of Tornetrask, I think, is no more believable than the original version (I am not saying this in a negative way – it just needs some validation).

If a tree were capable of awareness, there’d be no need to measure its rings would there? You could just ask it how cold it was in the MWP. Mind you, you’d have to ask more than 15, or else you’d be drummed out of the Market Research Society as a charlatan.

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