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I Am Somebody!! Got A Mention In Climategate 2.0!! – 0701.txt

This has been quite a night and I’ll conclude it with two bangs. First of all, I’ve been blocked on Twitter by @MichaelEMann. T-shirts and celebratory jacket to follow.

I was wondering though, why would somebody like Mann go through the trouble of blocking an unimportant minion like me? Well, I wonder no more. I am somebody in climate circles. Finally!!

Why? Because my name appears in Climategate 2.0. From 0701.txt:

Cc: Maurizio Morabito

I shall soon start collecting cheques in exchange of autographs.

By the way…much of 0701.txt is Phil Jones arguing that, even if it is possible to relate temperature changes to changes in climate indices better than to climate models, still that means nothing:

“It is quite easy to take any temperature series and show that it can be related to circulation indices. Just because the circulation explains more variability than the climate models doesn’t mean that anthropogenic climate change isn’t happening. What is causing the circulation to change!”

Lucky us, the Good Prof showed his usual irony.

For the record, the paper mentioned in 0701.txt was recommended publication by the reviewers, and then binned at the last moment by the Nature Geoscience editors.

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It should have been me mentioned. I just needed a chance, a chance to take Jones apart.
You shudda been lookin’ out for me MM

But what happens? MM gets the title. I coulda had class, I cudda been a contender, I cudda been somebody, instead of being a humbug 🙁

I was blocked from mann’s twitter account the first week he started it up. As you might expect, he isn’t too keen on differing opinions. I think I called him a criminal too. That might have been what did it!

Great work on your site. I just discovered it and will now be a frequent viewer.

” We are also sending a spreadsheet with the data and computations needed
to replicate our findings. Any question you might have, please do not
hesitate to contact me.”

Those are anti-Team procedures, no wonder you were censored by Nature!

Do you have a copy of the paper somewhere?

… yes, but it means you are an “agent doing the dirty bidding of the fossil fuel industry“.

Seriously though, a thorough search of the emails for mentions of Omni, Tim Ball, Anthony Watts, and so on might tighten the circle on who Mann’s “secret agents of fossil fuel” actually are.

If they exist, that is.

Congradulations on being included in a part of science history. Try not to forget about us little people as you claw your way up the skeptic corporate ladder.


I’m wondering if you’re the Maurizio also mentioned in txt. 5264? And if you are, can you give some back ground?

Would you take some carbon credits in exchange for an autograph?

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