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They're At War – 1 – The Belief Of The Unpleasant

WUWT wonders why warmists are almost invariably and incredibly rude, constantly choosing to appear as unpleasant as possible

But, hasn’t it always been that way since the very beginning of the issue? The combination of perceived moral high ground mixed with the educated liberal mindset, combined with a dash of anonymity, in my opinion, leads AGW proponents to revert to tribal mannerisms in dealing with others whom they perceive as inferior in intellect and creed.

On the plus side, this very behavior, which seems to be omnipresent in AGW proponent circles, (though skeptics have a few bad examples too) is part of the reason why skeptics are winning the war of public opinion.

There is one important bit missing in the above. It’s not just perceived moral high ground mixed with the educated liberal mindset, combined with a dash of anonymity: there is also a strong war-like mentality, since the Cooks and dana1981s and taminos of the world are literally (in their view) protecting the planet against us evil skeptics.

When one believes to be at war, a war for survival no less, then there is little time for niceties and considerations about the feelings of fellow human beings. And just as well, the first casualty of war is truth and that’s why there isn’t much of it alive at Skeptical Science, or RealClimate, or Tamino, etc etc.

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I was reading the dust up between you and the eco PhD student on WUWT. He is agreat example of what you are saying here.

Oh by the way, at least in the USA a biology major is only required to take ONE, count them One semester of calculus. No wonder the eco-idiot can’t follow the arguments and resorts to ad hom. attacks.

I really had to laugh when he brought up Keeling and Revelle in refuting Beck on CO2. BOTH start from the premise of Mankind produces CO2 and it is increasing in the environment and then set out to prove it even if they must toss out 90% of the data to get the data set they want!

Talk about Psudo-science!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. Ditto.
Anthony is bending over backwards to continue a one sided conversation with liars, thieves, and murderers.
All it’s going to do is give him a backache.

I very strongly disagree: the hippies are not somehow being ‘forced’ to be sub-human filth.
What they naturally are is murderous liars. The example of the DDT-ban fiasco serves as clear evidence of both inclinations.
The ‘tribal’ nonsense is just that, nonsensical prattle: ditto for ‘fighting for survival’.

Both Stalin and Mao shared core ideologies with the hippies, and they butchered 10’s of millions for the ‘greater good’.

If you cannot deal with the reality of this, then stop commenting on it. I am deeply sick and tired of this endless desire to chat with, or get other people to chat with, a type of person that is only deserving of being cast out of all society.

The belief that you are ‘saving the planet’ is a delusion. The planet can look after itself as 4.6Ba of geological history shows.

Quite so … the belief that one is “Saving The Planet” allows even for mass murder. If mankind is a cancer on the planet, isn’t this the obvious and logical action.

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