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Revkin: The Gore-a-thon Was Good, Actually It Was Bad

I just posted this comment about the Gore-a-thon at Andy Revkin’s Dot Earth “Seeking Reality on Climate” entry:

Apologies for being even slower than usual Andy but…could you please explain exactly what “usefulness” these soon-to-be-forgotten 24 hours have had?

I can see you criticize the Gore-athon’s polarizing stance, oversimplification, mix-up of science and policy, and finally silence about “fossil fuels”. Unless of course the first few praising paragraphs are there simply to make your life simpler, by making sure nobody can accuse you of Gore-bashing.

6 replies on “Revkin: The Gore-a-thon Was Good, Actually It Was Bad”

Reading the ‘responses’, during and now post, not sure Mr. Gore has moved forward his cause or those he is often associated with very much in this.

Some rather amusing (though I do have sympathy with those trying to walk tricky lines now being confronted with betrayal perceptions and heretic accusations when trying to concede the obvious to maintain a soupcon of cred) exchanges around in some quarters.

Andy Revkin, by the virtue of this long stint in the climate debate, has developed the most sophisticated of views in the climate debate.

He sounds like a skeptic. 🙂

I’m shocked that each hour was a repeat of a standard set of slides all based in a US studio. Surely they could have stretched to 2 or 3 different presentations?

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