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Leo Hickman, or the Rehabilitation of Used-car Salesmen

Hickman’s search for peace talks lasted between 3:41PM and 10:43PM on 21 June. That’s seven hours two minutes for the math-challenged warmists in the audience.

Call me a cynic, but I have seen more honesty displayed by used-car salesmen. He can really go back to dance with Ahmadinejad as far as I am concerned.

One reply on “Leo Hickman, or the Rehabilitation of Used-car Salesmen”

I can forgive Hickman for getting cold feet and wanting to retract his “generous” offer of peace talks. He’s since retracted his retraction at
(Jun 22, 2011 at 11:32 PM)
What’s mystifying is that he hasn’t commented on his discussions at Bishop Hill below the line on his own Guardian article. He’s playing hard to get with us sceptics at Bishop Hill, while his own faithful Guardian readers remain in the dark.
He spoke of being accused of being a “climate appeaser” (as if we sceptics were about to annex the Sudetenland). He looks more like Hess, who was parachuted into Britain with a secret peace deal. I’m afraid he may spend the rest of the Climate Wars in solitary confinement.

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