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So You're In Favor Of Climate Mitigation?

I hereby declare that anybody that can come up with a mitigation plan different than “a shot in the dark ruining us and the children for sure and with a slight chance of getting the grandchildren marginally better” will get my unconditional support.

I don’t think such a plan exist, otherwise black carbon would already be a thing of the past.

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I love the response given by Prince Philip in his 90th Birthday interview with the BBC’s Fiona Bruce when asked whether he supported ‘green’ policy.

His response? He is not a ‘ Bunny Hugger ‘

Thank goodness that despite all his efforts and successes in the field of the environment and in conservation over the decades he still recognises facts from fiction.

Green isn’t working – as we all knew it would not. But, since the greens and politicians are still in a bubble of delusion and denial at the moment it might be a good moment to start the conversation on, “Life after green”. I think this would give us all a sense of taking the lead, being in control with a set of targets to aim for.

If we are to gain power we need to have our own set of answers ready to fill the green void.

I would be interested to know “What life after or post-green” would be like?
Would we gain some degree of control over energy prices?
Would energy become as cheap as a glass of water?
Would sustainability be kicked into the recycle bin of history’s bad ideas?
Would there be a new age of prosperity and innovation, because we ditched the “sustainability” mantra – where anything is possible due to affordable energy?
Would there be a new age of enlightenment, which is more optimistic?
How would we re-interpret human-kind’s relationship to nature?
Would we prove that this is not the ‘End of history’?

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