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Will CO2 Cause Bieber Fever In Fish Worldwide?

No, I am not talking about this Fish. Or that Phish. I am talking about fish of the swimming variety, recently in the news as under multiple lines of attack by (you guessed it right) increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Poor little ocean inhabitants will run out of breath, or go deaf. Or maybe not, as both papers compensate with novelty what they lack in robustness.

In the meanwhile, though, there are some indications that, at least for now, great white sharks are into AC/DC. That could be useful news (if under threat of attack, just convince a fellow diver to burst into a watery version of “Back in Black” and you’ll be fine. You, that is, not the fellow diver).

Why stop there, though? We can combine all these pieces of evidence to come up with a realistic scenario (as realistic as anything ever written by the likes of David Suzuki or Paul R. Ehrlich, that is): with human-caused CO2 emissions apparently unstoppable, fish the world over will experience irregular heartbeats, and hearing difficulties causing a decline in musical taste.

That is, they will all suffer “Bieber Fever“.

Please help prevent such a tragedy, by reducing your CO2 emissions.

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According to this report from IUCN in 2009, Nemo is also losing his sense of smell. “Clownfish, of “Finding Nemo” fame, are also victims of ocean acidification. Acidic water disrupts their sense of smell, impairing their ability to find their specific host anemone, which they rely on for protection.”

Soon we’ll be hearing about new research suggesting that global warming will make clownfish go blind as well, and then they’ll be well on the way to have have all the bases covered.

I think a trifle more research and a little wider reading is required about CO2 in the atmosphere.

The amount of the increase in CO2 levels is infinitesimal in the past 160 years in the atmosphere compared with it’s overall composition.

‘Bieber Fever’ Why would CO2 levels in the oceans cause this in fish?

The levels of CO2 in both Earth’s seas and in the atmosphere has been many many times greater than that today in ages past.

I think Messrs Erlich and Suzuki should conduct their research with an eye upon the relative changes in CO2 compared with that attributed to mans efforts before coming up with yet another hypothesis that is not only not provable but also unsustainable as regards evidence.

Did these fish suffer these problems during the MWP or RWP? No I thought so.

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