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Reports of UK Demise Greatly Exaggerated – Just Don't Trust A Word The Government Says

UPDATED with BBC News link

Pray for Britain“? UK “off a cliff“? Yesterday, I thought not.

omnologos says:

Hey, it’s the UK Government, they’ll fiddle with the figures and tamper with the reports of independent panels appointed by them, declare “victory!” and move on without having achieved any practical goal at all.

omnologos says:

the UK has a long history of bummer pledges met by creative accounting. This’ll be another example.

And in fact…the BBC flagship “Today” programme had Roger Harrabin pondering a few hours ago how the new “legally-binding” emission targets can be dependent on what the rest of EU will do (mysteriously, there’s little on the BBC website as yet). And the FT reports that it’s all going to be about a fantastic “2030 target“, and Chancellor George Osborne made it known that “nothing has been agreed“.

So the rule is as usual…especially when “targets” are involved, do not trust a word that comes out of the UK Government. Ever.

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It boils down to the intriguing question – regarding the “carbon budget”, are our politicians being sincere or cynical? Crazy like a fox, or just crazy? I’m hoping that in this instance they are being foxes, rather than lemmings, but then that raises another question – can our politicians be depended upon to be devious?

WUWT carries the GWPF comments welcoming the new committments. Yes, you’ve read it right. In fact, in-between the lines the Government is backtracking hard on mitigation.

As for can our politicians be depended upon to be devious?: yes of course. After Major, Blair and Brown, who’d be thinking otherwise?

David Cameron is fully committed to the provisions of the Climate Change Act and to the new low-carbon emissions targets for period 4, up to c.2030.

He answered a question last week in the House of Commons on this subject and will not be deflected in the Governement policy.

I raised this point with my local MP for clarification following reports in the Guardian and the Observer newspapers about this welcome news!

Although Vince Cable has taken the approach that resources should be concentrated on getting the economy into good shape; the position President Obama is taking in the USA, Cameron appears to know better.

Whether the possible demise of Chris Huhne as Energy Secretary (over points taken by his wife on her instead of his driving license) will carry any factor I believe to be very unlikely. So do not hold your breathe on this one!

The Tories are seeking every single vote they can muster from the public and that means Greens and Lib Dems with the present policy.

The pity is many nations, especially other EU member states, are looking to the UK to see whether these green policies are effective or not before they jump on board the ship.

I have never known such bias in an environmental issue in my life before. What is really behind it besides tax revenues?

WE have been pondering if the government persists with the
climate scare decarbonisation policy madness – which caused 30,000 excess winter deaths last year due to fuel poverty, could ministers be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter?

Thankyou for the glimmer of hope but I fear our governments (Cons, Lib Dems and Labs) can waste huge amounts of money not achieving targets.

What you will see is generous grants for ground source heating systems. You know the ones. The systems that only work in places with loads of spare ground to install them in and the opportunity for under floor heating. Hmm, just the sort of place politicians have. Extra grants for those who lift their real oak, hand sanded, flooring and replace it over the top of the heating tubes.

Totally agree. Now the Energy Secretary is under investigation for failing to admit to driving a vehicle that was exceeding the speed limit. He allegedly got his ex-wife to take the 3 points that would have seen him loosing his licence to drive. His post should be renamed Energy Poverty Secretary since he wants all power to come from wind and other renewables.

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