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BBC Science Coverage: It's Worse The We Thought

BBC News’s “Science & Environment” pages have seldom been a paradigm of in-depth, unbiased, trustworthy coverage. Yet, they’re now sinking to new, sensationalistic lows. And it’s not just climate change.

Latest offerings: Richard Black on absurdist claims that million-year-long processes are changing right now; Black again telling the world that coal is now good (and reporting the energy policy ideas of a Professor of Ecology & Environmental Biology); Mark Kinver crying that penguins are “suffering” (whilst whales and seals are thriving, as reported well hidden in the same article); Pallab Ghosh fantasizing about Soviets getting the Moon before the Americans (forgetting that the key technological factor was the development by the US of combustion chambers able to withstand enormous pressures, so the Saturn-V could do with 5 engines on the first stage instead of 30).

Expect soon articles on how people feel about string theory, and the dangers to the fabric of the Universe caused by pesky European particle accelerators (oh…nevermind)

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The only way to deal with the BBCs constantly biased editorial content skewed entirely toward the green lobby is to cut it down to one third its present size, privatise the remainder into ITV franchises, reduce the annual TV Licence to £50 and fire the irrational idiots that call themselves TV producers and TV executives.

There are plenty who would be glad to fill the gaps created for genuinely talented people!

The BBC pension fund has been almost exclusively invested in “green technology” – the one which needs fossil fuel tax subsidies to make it work so is hardly sustainable.

Turkeys do not vote for Christmas so the BBC has to promote AGW.

Of course if CO2 really was a problem and we had to cut back, shutting down the BBC would eliminate a large power consumer, reduce CO2 emissions, and give every UK household a £145 a year tax rebate. So why are the BBC still here?

Hmm. ………… has anyone ever thought about ALL the oxygen tied up in CO2 which we are trying to spirit away by capturing Carbon ? eh? Think about it: CO2 is used by plants to produce O2 for us- mankind. Lock up the CO2 and we suffocate

The BBC has always been the worst offender when it comes to speading climate fear and alarmism. In Canada the worst offender is the CBC and in Australia the worst offender is the ABC. The clear pattern here is that public funded broadcasters are the ones who find this climate fear mongering the most profitable, I don’t understand why this is the case but they would not do it unless they made money at it. I realize that these broadcasters all lean to the left but I assume that their prime demographic are those who lean left as well. Mabe all they are doing is selling fear stories to those who want to hear them. These people suffer from some form of self loathing, they believe that they themselves are a blight on the earth and should be eliminated. When you watch earth and wild animal related tv programs they always say that humans are killing and destroying everything, they have been including these statements for at least 40 years now, no wonder they feel self loathing. They are trained to feel this way.

When they say that humans are killing and destroying everything in documentaries their prime demographic read into it as ‘Other’ humans are killing and destroying everything.

How it is expected for the European plate to subduct below Africa, both being of similar densities, I do not know. More likely is continental collision as India did to Asia. This would produce mountains as high if not higher than the Himalayas. This has already started with the Alps.

This process would take millions of years so Humans will be extinct by then.

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