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Turning All Lights On Against "Earth Hour"

Like in 2010, I will definitely not turn the lights off for “Earth Hour“. I will do the exact opposite.


Because I don’t want this to happen. And even if it will happen, still I will be the last one standing with a house full of lighting.

Earth Hour? No, thanks
"Earth Hour"? No, thanks


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I don’t think many TUC members will be turning their lights off for ‘Earth Hour’.

I just got back from the TUC ‘March for the Alternative’ demo in London. And not a mention of ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Climate Week’, ‘Climate Challenge’ or thankfully the ‘New Home Front’. The climate scare seems to be a politically dead issue with the TUC.

In three hours I gained 152 signatures for my petition to repeal the Climate Change Act from TUC rank and file members and wait for it – two Green Party supports who admitted that the Climate Act was a big mistake! This made made the journey worthwhile.

The Green Party’s leaflet and main message was for “Carbon cuts not welfare cuts” – I mean what planet is Caroline Lucas on and there is a big photo of her on the leaflet too. It’s all very much the cult of the non-personality in the green zone.

Our campaign leaflet message was:

A price on CO2
£18.3 billion CO2 taxes
Climate scare propaganda
Wind farm & solar subsidies
Carbon trading markets

I gave out 200 leaflets most people were interested and rather curious. I had only 4 hostile responses, but otherwise I thought it was a useful exercise.

BTW I left early before all the trouble began.

Very interesting, and yet another hopeful sign that energy is gradually draining out of the climate scare. Fay, I applaud your efforts – I think you’re putting the rest of us to shame.

What is to be done?

We have so many gentleman bloggers, but lack activists on our side of the debate. I can only suggest a lot of advertising money should be thrown into lobbying for repeal to make up for the lack of a movement and volunteers.

Feed-back welcome.

This may just be wishful thinking on my part, but the business park where I work – and which publicises Earth Hour in their “What’s On” e-mail announcements – seems not to have given it as much prominence this year. Also haven’t noticed much in the news or anywhere else about Climate Week, except for Tamsin Omond and her chums painting “2” at the end of “Tesco” on some Tesco signs, to make it look like they say “Tesco2”. Also something or other about Alistair McGowan being fed up. It’s all having a colossal impact on the UK population, obviously.

I won’t be taking part in Earth hour, it’s linked to a misanthropic Ideology. and didn’t the co-founder of earth hour murder someone.

Nice standards to live up to !/sarc

I’m thinking that maybe Earth hour is really a sneaky way for green fascists to begin reprogramming people to get used to life without power in preparation of unreliable, intermittent, and inefficient renewable energy. The next phase will be monthly Earth Hours preceded by sirens, then weekly Earth Hour preceeded by sirens and so on until all they have to do is sound the sirens and people will turn off their power. :o)

PhilJourdan – fact is, we can afford to be “in agreement”. People within the “global warming consensus” instead, are bound to keep splitting hairs in their quest for perfect orthodoxy

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