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Grist Who? A Challenge For The Yulsmans And Kloors Of The World

Having asked “How Long Before Romm Blames The Christchurch Quake On Global Warming?“, and having tweeted my disgust at Grist’s shameless attempt at linking climate change to the Sendai quake

This is why @mims and @grist will forever be the smog instead of the beacon #tsunami #climate #agw #japan #quake

…little did I expect of having tapped (for once!) at a currently spreading meme, namely the abject absurdity and dubious ethics of linking crustal movements to CO2 emissions.

As noted by Shub Niggurath though, the problem is not Grist, or TreeHugger or anybody else. The problem is that the collection of “yellow journalism” about climate change is constantly enriched by blatantly absurd climate change claims going in all directions.

The challenge to the Yulsmans and Kloors of this world is to make good use of the experience with Grist, and have no more qualms at criticizing whatever is written about climate change, when it is completely speculative and especially when it is just or mostly a manipulative attempt at changing public opinion with half-truths and baseless conjectures. Where to start from? Well, Numberwatch is as good a list as any.

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Would you honestly trust someone who does not Criticize whatever is written about climate change, AGW, climate disruption etc…

@John DeFayette I almost missed the sarcasm & thought you were serious lol

Here’s one for your list of manipulative linking, from John Vidal:

“The question now is whether the [nuclear] industry can be trusted anywhere… In just one generation it has killed, wounded or blighted the lives of many millions of people… Next time the disaster may have nothing to do with an earthquake or a tsunami, but be because of terrorism, climate change … or a deranged plant manager”.

Pssst! Maurizio, I’ve got another trend you can be on the watch for. How’s this for “common sense” science that can be used for an agenda?

Here it is: The earth’s crust is terribly fragile, just like the rest of Nature, bless Her heart. Now, with Man going full-bore “fracking” and drilling the inner pressures that hold everything in equilibrium are being let loose. Those stabilizing pockets of natural gas all over the world are being poked without regard to Gaia’s feelings. Now the crust is simply settling back to equilibrium.

Now, I would never try to pin the blame of one earthquake on one or another gas field–no, I’m not so foolish. However, it is clear to me that earthquakes like Friday’s in Japan are “increasingly likely” the more we break up the ground in order to reach that methane. In fact, I’ll be working on a model that demonstrates just such a probable increase in death and mayhem as soon as I can yank the PlayStation away from my daughter.

Remember–you heard it here first, and I want credit when the Nobels are being handed out.

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