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Disasters Caused By (Fear Of) Climate Change

Climate change has caused incredible suffering already.

Actually, climate change hasn’t done much, or perhaps anything at all (yet?). The reason for the “incredible suffering” has been the fear of climate change. For example:

How many more victims of AGWers are needed, before the catastrophists see what they’re doing to our world?

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This is right on the money, the public is truly afraid of climate change, but they don’t realize that they have been safely adapting to it all thier lives. Climate never stops changing, it does it slowly and everyone adapts without knowing. The media has been terrific at keeping the masses terrified, it’s how they make money. Some day we’ll look back on this time and be shocked at our collective stupidity. I still maintain that AGW alarmism will do tremendous damage to the environmental movement in the long run, through the kinds of bazaar programs you list above. And that is only the abridged version, the list is much longer.

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