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How Long Before Romm Blames The Christchurch Quake On Global Warming?

You know, with the usual inane insanities, such as melting glaciers etc

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Everything bad is caused by Climate Change we need to be Carbon taxed to stop bad things . Al Gore Is Jesus!
Greenies now hate Carbon Dioxide the very Gas that makes all plants Green!

That was my first thought as well (well, to be honest, a very quick second thought… my first was concern for those affected). And if not Romm, then certainly one of the increasingly desperate headline and/or Nature-cover-story seeking prophets of doom.

That was the first thought that went through my mind when I turned on the news this morning. New Zealand just had a heat wave and I don’t know how, but somehow they will find (invent) a connection. I would think they will strike while the iron is hot, expect it anytime now.

Citizen, Maurizio M!
I thought you were going to tell us how long! I think about 3 days and they must be challenged immediately. Could the CO2 GWers be heading for a Mubarak moment of total drivel before they are driven out, because driven out they will have to be.
Anyhow, lest anyone spouts the CO2 sect delusions on this have a read of our comments on this and other Earthquakes – link in tweet:

After New Zealand quake Piers Corbyn warns: “Expect more earthquakes world-wide for two years” #eqnz

Thanks Piers_Corbyn (twitter address)

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