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Greenland Ice Cap Receding And Disappearing!

In 1930 of course.


This is getting boring. Seemingly all one has to do in order to find instances of past climate change, totally invalidating the “unprecedented” claim attached to today’s, is to guess the right combination of words for this or that search engine.

AGWers should have tried earlier, in the age before the Internet, when fantasies such as labeling any unusual weather pattern as “anthropogenic” would have been easier to maintain.

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Sorry, but I don’t get it. What is the significance of a presumably hypothetical map of Greenland without the ice? There is no date that I can find, anywhere on the map page. I guess the 1930 date is supposed to tie in with the Greenland map, except that it doesn’t. And the flood in China 100 years ago means what? No one has said that there were no floods prior to global warming. At least 95% of the climate scientists in the world generally agree that the earth is now warming and that increased CO2 from fossil fuels is major part of the cause. I have yet to see any proof on this site that denies any of this. GW deniers love to nit-pick past predictions of temperature change, but this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Most people cannot predict the future very well: the price of oil and gasoline, stock prices, the weather, the cost of a war – let’s just agree on that. And focus on what’s actually happening now – for example, glaciers are rapidly melting all over the world. Why? Polar ice is decreasing a very fast rate, compared to any such previous changes observed by humans. Why??

These days I find Google News a great source of information about historic weather events as they were reported at the time. Over the decades, there’s been no end of devastating floods, destructive wildfires, anomalous snowfalls, typhoons, killer hurricanes and droughts.

One hundred years ago this summer, for instance, it is reported that the river Yangtze in China flooded, creating a vast temporary lake and causing about 100,000 deaths in the ensuing famine.

In other words, people in past times endured exactly the sort of extreme and difficult-to-predict events that cause scientists, a century later, to talk about climate disruption and CO2 “loading the dice”.

Alex, the Yangtze is a glacier-fed river. Are you arguing that it can continue to flood without water from its source?

Yes, disasters happened in the past. No one is predicting that disasters won’t happen in the future, and no one has said disasters did not occur in the past.

One question we should be asking is, what is the proximate cause of the disaster? Many who deny global warming seem to think that disasters of a certain type must always have exactly the same cause — so that if scientists suggest that global warming will mean more or longer droughts in the future, denialists will seize upon every story about a past drought as “proof” that the scientists are in error, stupid, and don’t know history.

What was the cause of that flood 100 years ago? How does that cause rebut global warming hypotheses in any way, rationally?

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