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Inflation of "Worst Floods" In Australia

Floods Ravage Australia

SYDNEY, Australia, – Australia’s worst floods in a century cut off outback towns and forced hundreds of people to take refuge on the roofs of their submerged homes today in the eastern states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The authorities say many people have been reported missing but only one death was reported.

When? “Published: April 23, 1990“.

Does it ever just rain, in Australia?

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Over at EUReferendum, this tragic note:

“…Thus, the Wivenhoe dam management had plenty of warning that this rain was on its way and had been so for weeks. Yet the policy of the Queensland Government was to keep the dams full because of their advice from the likes of Tim Flannery et al. This was that, because of global warming, Queensland was going to remain in drought.”

“…The level in the dam went to within an inch or so of having the emergency spillway plugs failing and releasing an unbelievable amount of water to save the main rock and earth fill wall. They are saying, behind closed doors, just over an inch more of rain and the dam would have failed. Brisbane would be no more.”

So the sea ice is “missing” from the areas heavily trafficked with ice breakers.

Ho hum.

Seems to me if governments wanted to take action that would quickly turn the “retreating” Arctic ice situation around they could ban ice breakers today. The only people who run then are governments.

Why are people surprised by flooding when you build homes and cities on floodplains? They are called floodplains for a reason. It’s as idiotic as building a big city on a massive earthquake fault, as they have in San Fransisco. But guess what, earthquakes are caused by climate change too. Today everything is caused by climate change, that’s why the issue has no traction with the public anymore.

Someone recently described the average weather in Australia as “drought plus flood divided by two”. That’s the way it is here. Suck it up or move (to higher ground). And my grandparents homesteaded in Northern Saskatchewan with winters that would scare the Russians. They grew wheat that fed the world when Europe was still picking bombs out of the muddy fields of France.

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